Sounds of Murder

Sounds of Murder

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Category: Mystery
When Psychology Professor Pamela Barnes discovers her department's star researcher strangled to death in the computer lab, she's determined to find out who did it. Will an accidental recording of the murder allow Pamela to use her expertise in acoustics to identify the killer? A unique cozy mystery--set in the world of academia and high-stakes research--full of excitement, humor, and romance.

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Do you believe in monsters, how about myths and legends? If you don't, well you probably should, seeing as they want your attention after all~

A small collection of poetry all originally written by me.
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'Dysfunctional: not operating normally or properly'That was one way to describe Clara Campbells family. Dysfunctional; not operating properly. That was just what happened when your older siblings leave you. Or that's what Clara had always believed. She had never had any parents there to hold her hand or any older siblings to tease her; they had grown up before her. She knew how to cook, clean, walk around her parents emotions, go to and from school; she know how to take what life gave her. Well, what was the other opportunity that she could of had?But what happens when her ship gets rocked and thrown off course? When people you thought left you years ago decide to show up again? Clara has always known one way to live, and that gets ruined, so how is she supposed to cope with the change? She has taught herself everything else in life, so this can't be any different, can it? "There is no book about independence and there is no book about dependence. You have to write it yourself; you have to be the one that lives through it" Clara was that girl in class, when she was asked about relatives or family members, she always said she had none. Everyone believed her because she never had anyone there, not like it mattered to her or any of them. "It was you had lost someone, or that was what I thought about whenever someone asked about my siblings and the rest of my family. I didn't know who they were, and they didn't know who I was. I mean, I didn't know me either" Clara grew up without them as they grew up without her, so what will they do when a wave rocks the worlds they live in? "I heard her screams, Colt, I heard them. You weren't the one to hear the screaming and crying of your baby sister, it was me, and I knew there was nothing I could do to stop it. I couldn't save her" -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Started: 9.03.22Finished: -

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Ntw Designs - High performance Web development agency

Learn how Ntw Designs increases the performance of web design

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Flight risk. [h.s]

Arlie Addams, the biggest actress in Hollywood. At the top of the world; she stars in every movie, is on the cover of every magazine and is sought-after by every celebrity stylist. She is invincible to everyone, except herself. Harry Styles, a musician enjoying the peak of his career. With two award-winning albums, a Vogue cover, and numerous prestigious awards under his belt. He is perfect at everything he sets his mind to, except relationships. What could possibly go wrong when two people still healing from their tumultuous breakup are cast alongside each other in the most anticipated movie of the year? To add fuel to the fire, Arlie is already in a long-term relationship with the man directing them both. With secrets, lies, affairs, scandals and songwriting warping their lives, will Arlie and Harry ever be able to get over the heartbreak from years ago? Or will Arlie Addams forever be Hollywood's biggest flight risk?

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Fitting in

I was just a cub when men came and took me from my family. They experimented on me and did tests that caused me to transform into a human like creature. After escaping i found my father and then shield found me. I do not own the avengers only my ocs

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palabras tipicas, cimida,chistes,memes etc.De venezuela

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