Soulless - Tom Riddle x OC

Soulless - Tom Riddle x OC

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enemies to lovers | slowburn | academic rivalry | paranormal | dark fantasy | horror | psychological thriller | murder mystery | dark academia | knights of walpurgis | og propechy | rituals | occults | underground magic covens | secret societies | grindelwald

Triggers: violence | gore | abuse | death | toxic behaviour | drugs | alcohol | psychopathic behaviour | implied prostitution | torture

"Mudblood" Isabella Vernet wasn't aware of the wizarding world, until a string of mysterious, brutal incidents over the summer brings her to the beguiling Hogwarts.

But strange magic and deadly creatures are lurking beneath the school's bright, awe-inspiring exterior of the cruel, gorgeous Tom Riddle and his revered Slytherin men, who seem to have chosen her as their target for the year. Several wizards and witches are turning up dead, and some new students have eerily been appearing - pupils from years ago who had gone missing or been involved in horrific, gruesome accidents.

And each of Tom Riddle's men are hiding something of their own - some more deadly than others. They all have something they want desperately. And Tom himself is playing a dangerous game to get what he needs - something that Bella may hold for him.

As it turns out, some things don't stay dead forever.

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