Something more than a bet (Nick x Charlie)

Something more than a bet (Nick x Charlie)

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Category: Romance
This is an AU and my very own fan fiction of heart stopper which is a series on Netflix that was released back in 2022. I love the drama and how foreshadowing it is with the episodes and the characters the humor is somewhat funny when you take a look at each and every one of the characters that always appears on the screen or manages to some times but I think the characters are still really cool I would have to say my two favorite characters from heart stopper are Elle Argent and Nick Nelson because I love there appearance and I must say Elle is very beautiful I'm my own opinion I love her fashion sense and taste and Nick is like the type of person who would most likely Have the golden retriever personality and I just think it's cool and all. I have a 3 of the heart stopper novels from the third novel to the fifth one im trying to plan on getting to get the first and second heart stopper novels because those are the only two ones that I am missing to complete the entire series of the books created by Alice Osman herself who is a lovely writer and illustrater if I may add too.

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