so desperately obvious - Jake Webber x Johnnie Guilbert

so desperately obvious - Jake Webber x Johnnie Guilbert

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Follow Jake and Johnnie on their journey towards realizing that what they feel for eachother might be more than platonic through a series of high stress videos and awkwardly gay situations.

- He finally tunes in to hear, "This sneaky lil bitch got a little too close for comfort last night" Jake winks at him and Johnnie huffs and yells back a "Hey man, I wasn't the one with my hands down your pants." with a stupid smirk knowing that the viewers won't know how truthful the first comment really was. -


featuring paranormal activity.. and mild explosions?? uhhh


DISCLAIMER - I, of course do not believe this would happen in real life. I am using these people's likeness and mean no disrespect (although writing a real person fic is inherently disrespectful) I apologize if either of these people see this and would like to issue a formal apology (I'm doubling down of the apologetic shtick).

This is so much more cringe then my bvb x ronnie radke fics somehow lmaoao.

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