Smitten by Her

Smitten by Her

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Anvika Bharadwaj, a 18 year old is an introvert yet confident girl who have just entered the college life. She is beautiful but broken inside.She is talented and intelligent.She enjoys solitude. She likes gardening, painting, and music.

Anay Agnihotri, a 20 year old boy studying in the same college.He is hearthrob of college and why not when he is topper, best football player,handsome and of course his fights are very popular in the whole college.He is cold towards females except his family due to some past experiences.

This story is about how they discovers themselves with each other. How the emotions that they were unknown of strikes them hard. How they embraces each other with faults and perfections.

This story is about how they finds peace in each other.....


He was caressing her hairs while she was unconscious.He was promising her silently that he will not allow any harm to reach her, he will protect and love her more now, and he will bare himself in front of her. He kept loving her silently until but now he will profess it openly...

She opened her eyes slowly, seeing her gaining consciousness he hugged her pecking her hairs again and again.She sat up and pushed him weakly.

"Dont touch me", she said.

"Anvika, please listen to me", he said.

"No, i am tired of listening the baseless accusations, the eyes filled with disgust and blackmails.I wanted a peaceful life. Is it too much to ask.Why I am again and again the object for slander and mockery.Why...."she
cried out.
"Shh my love. Its not your fault okay. You are innocent.And i will make sure everyone also know it.I will take away all your pain. Just trust me hmm", he said hugging and caressing her.

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