Sk8 the Infinity x Reader!!

Sk8 the Infinity x Reader!!

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Just like the other books, this one follows the storyline of y/n joining Reki and Langa on their skating adventure.

I own none of the pictures that you will see in each chapter.

for character description:
y/n has a dark fashion aesthetic, likes spooky things, she likes daydreaming but isn't very conversive. She is also suicidal due to the departure of her friend, since then, when she skates, she slips in and out of memories of them as she tried to move on with friends that always remind her of them.

You once had a friend who loved to skate, they were sort of your only friend, and taught you to skate. You two had spent a good portion of your lives together, they meant so much to you, but then an illness caused your friend to be hospitalized, and eventually dying.
Their last words to you, were this:
"Y/n, I know you don't look forward to a lot of things, but promise me that if you are ever about die, die doing something that makes you feel alive."

I do not own any pictures on here!

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