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All I have to do is run

Hina Midoriya got betrayed by her classmate, expelled from UA and blacklisted to every hero school as she walked home she encountered Spinner telling her that her parents are kept hostage as she hurry to them, when she arrive she sees the bomb and Shigaraki waiting will holding both her parents and he made a deal that she will never interfere with their work or they die but Hina tells them about her expulsion and blacklist so Shigaraki told her to get out of here before the bomb blows what when she went to her parents she will discover the most shocking truth of her life
The Coves Academy

quickly transmigration bl : cute devil

Qingyun was forced by what they call "the law of heaven" to be the villain who suffer so much in many worlds.For hundreds of years, a protagonist has always been barking at him and attempting to harm him, but just couldn't kill him.But how can he, the ultimate BOSS, accept himself to become an insignificant cannon fodder who is manipulated and destroyed?That'll never happen.He found a way to disobey this law and fight these protagonists. He will travel from world to world to destroy the balance and the happy ending of these protagonists andtake his revenge. But a certain man keep following him : "Cutie, come into my arms" .Qingyun: "Heh heh, this lord will teach you how to behave".*Ding* the world's most ferocious little cutie has come online~For offline reading. Google translator.***Boss dresses as a cutie***Warning : I just wanted to enjoy these novels anytime and chare them with you. So I'm just put them from Google translator directly and you will surely find many errors.
Twisted-Wonderland: Heart of the Night

The story of a girl with hardly any memory to recall awakes in a strange land of magic. She is entered into a school of magic.... Except she has no magic and it's an all-boys school. A raccoon-cat creature to look after. Being the only girl in the school will definitely be an adventure for her. However, the rest of the student body don't quite know that. The story and characters all belong to Yana Toboso, aniplex and Disney Japan (except oc and added twists to the story by me). All chapter covers are not mine but I will custom made my own by my own art in time. The story cover art is mine but edited with twisted wonderland pics (those pics are not mine).The fanfic follows the story of the game with a few twisted added by me.Translations are credited to Shel_BB from youtube.I put my oc as that's how I written the story but if you wish you can imagine your own mc following this story.#1 in TwistedFairytale 2/1/2022#1 in TwistedFairytale 1/26/2023#1 in TwistedFairytale 2/15/2023#2 in NightRavenCollege 7/1/2024
RWBY reacts to Warhammer 40k

The cast of RWBY reacts to the Imperium of Man and all in the 41st Millennium where across the Stars, there is only...WARWhere Mankind fights against hordes of Xenos, Heretics and the forces of Dark Gods.To see the Rise and Fall of Mankind from it's glorious days led by the Emperor. To the destructive fires of the Horus Heresy
Jaune the Iron Hero -  My Hero Academia

It was a Typical Day in Dust Studies Class until Miss Know it All Schnee decides to make a new Dust Mix that caused an Explosion, good thing the blast radius was small but Jaune being the nice kid that he is saved Weiss from being blown up.... But it wasn't a normal explosion as he was sent into another worldAnd what would he do if this New World was filled with Heroes?My Hero Academia is owned by HorikoshiRWBY is owned by WarnerIron Man is owned by Marvel

As soon as the maid opened the big front door of my mansion, a little girl appeared in front of me. She have messy blond hair and familiar blue eyes like mine but her face is more like an angel with her large round eyes unlike mine whose sharp and looks intimidating.I looked at my butler beside me, he looked confused. I also eyed the driver waiting for me outside who, in my surprise, averted his eyes.I looked back at the maids in line with an irritated look. This ungrateful brat dared to be in MY WAY!"Who the heck is this maggot's parents?!" I shouted. All the maids jumped in surprise and no one dared to look at me.With no one answering, I faced the child. "This is not an orphanage or police station, go back to where you came from!" Shooing the child in a disgusted tone. I really hate kids.The young girl just look at me with her big blue eyes and smiled. "Papa! Papa!" she shouts as she spread her arms hugging me.What the heck! Who is this child?!
~බිඟු සෙන්~ || BL - Nonfiction  ||

අපේ ජීවිතත් හරියට මී වදයක් වගේ..අසම්පූර්ණ තැන් අපිට ටික ටික සම්පූර්ණ කරගන්න වෙනවා..එතකොට ජීවිතේ වටිනාකම වැඩිවෙනව..මට හිතෙනව මාත් නිකම් මී මැස්සෙක් වගේ කියලා..ඒ නිසා වෙන්නැති මන් මගෙ බ්ලූසම් නිසා ටික ටික මගෙ ජීවිතේ සම්පූර්ණ කරගත්තෙ...ᴮᵉᵉ ᵃˡʷᵃʸˢ ᶠᵃˡˡⁱⁿᵍ ˡᵒᵛᵉ ʷⁱᵗʰ ʰⁱˢ ᵇˡᵒˢˢᵒᵐ 💗🌸█▓▒▒░░░Abhish Nethmanyu Fernando & Nikil Arusha Adhikari░░░▒▒▓█~බිඟු සෙන්~ || අනුරාගික සිත් - 2 ||

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Her name was Sqaishey, a very happy and positive girl who has the talent to make people smile just by being herself. But she also had a talent at being extremely clumsy. And for this, she was called 'Miss Clumsy'.While his name was Stampy, a funny cake lover who has the talent to make people laugh and brighten up their day. That's why he's been called, 'Mister Silly'.And this is the story of how Miss Clumsy meets Mister Silly.(Note that this was created YEARS AGO, back when I still had really poor writing skills so I'm sorry for all the grammar, spelling, and just overall mistakes.)

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Reyna is a princess and Harry is a prisoner in her castle. With his help, she runs away from an arranged marriage and her father's rotten kingdom in search of a happy ending, if there is one.

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ALWAYS SMILE CAFE (GirlxGirl Romance)

Romance was in the coffee shop menu.Nicole likes to have her life planned out. But she didn't plan to move to South Korea. She didn't exactly plan on having her own business at her age. And when she opened up ALWAYS SMILE CAFE, she did not plan on befriending a beautiful stranger who forgot to bring her umbrella one day. But it just happened.Gyuri had her year planned. She planned to graduate this year. She planned on not having any distractions. And when she's befriended by the amiable owner of ALWAYS SMILE CAFE, she planned on not being drawn to that warm smile. But it just happened.Girl x Girl Romance.

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The origins of children

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IN VILLAIN'S SIDE(Villain Series #1)

They don't know where to start...It's been 18 years and the lost princess is still haven't found.But what's happening?The whole kingdom rejoiced! For the lost princess is finally found!A series of love, friendship and family....They all have their different stories...And these stories lead to one big question...Is she really the lost princess?

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Anime one shots of different guys

Let get this straight this is not a lemon book. There will be no smut in here, this is just cute scenes between you and said guy. I am taking requests though, tell me who you want and I'll see what I can do. Of course I can only do one shots from anime's I watched, I have probably left stuff if this list because honestly I've watched so many I tend to forgett but here is what I can remember...Attack on TitanFairy TailAssassination classroomDeath noteFruits basket Tokyo ghoulDiabolik loversBlue exorcist Black butlerSpecial AOran high school host clubDiabolik loversKuroko no basketkamisama hajimemashita

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One Direction Sickfics

Hello fellow humans!I've always loved reading sickfics so I decided to make a book of my own!most of them will be Louis-centric because he is my baby but I will do all the other boys too and Zayn may also be included in some of the stories.I can also do hurt fics! just so u know :pI hope I'll do good coz I'm only 14 and english isn't rly my first language :pRequests are always open!Updates will be slow coz of school but I'll try to do them as fast as i can!

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Playing With the Rich Boys | ✓

HIGHEST RANK #3 TEEN FICTION 12/11/19[FIRST 6 CHAPTERS UNDER MAJOR EDITING - pls continue further before giving up xoxo]❝ You weren't kidding about having straight As,❞ is probably one of the last things I want to hear from a guy while we're stranded on an island at night in the rain with my now semi-transparent shirt clinging to my body. But to be honest, it's one of the smaller problems I've had so far at Pemberton Academy.--Daisy Sorenson is a new transfer to the illustrious halls of Pemberton Academy, ruled by the notoriously rich and gorgeous Top Four: Parker Lennox, Holden Vermont, Logan Green and Stephanie Carter. A coincidence, followed by an impulsive decision hurls her headfirst into yacht parties, a rich boy's jersey, a fake relationship, being marooned on an island in the middle of the night and possibly even love. If there's one thing that's for sure, it's that her wish for a quiet, drama-free senior year has gone up in flames. -i guarantee it isn't as cliche as it sounds pls give me a chance xoxoCOMPLETE: 4 Jul 2020

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No Turning Back

Daniel Crawford has always been perfect. He was the guy who played all the sports, dated the prettiest girls, and got the best grades. Life on the surface couldn't be better for him. He thought he had his whole life planned out. But when Jayden Delgado, his complete opposite, is thrown into his life Daniel is left questioning not only his inner desires but his identity and future.

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VolkaPro Iptv

VolkaPro is a cutting-edge IPTV service that offers a revolutionary way to access television content over the internet. As a leading player in the IPTV industry, Volka Pro provides users with a seamless and immersive entertainment experience through its comprehensive platform.With a user-friendly interface and a vast array of channels, Volka Pro caters to a diverse audience, offering a wide range of content spanning from live TV channels to on-demand movies and series. The service is designed to meet the evolving preferences of modern viewers who seek flexibility and convenience in their entertainment choices.One of the standout features of Volka Pro is its extensive channel lineup, which includes international channels, premium networks, sports channels, and much more. This diversity ensures that users can find content that matches their interests and preferences, making Volka Pro a versatile solution for all types of viewers.Volka Pro also stands out for its advanced streaming technology, providing high-quality video and audio streaming for a truly immersive viewing experience. The platform supports various devices, including smart TVs, streaming devices, smartphones, and tablets, allowing users to enjoy their favorite content wherever they go.Furthermore, Volka Pro offers a user-friendly subscription model, allowing users to choose from different plans based on their needs and preferences. The service is committed to delivering value for money, ensuring that subscribers get access to a wealth of content without compromising on quality.In summary, Volka Pro is a leading IPTV service that redefines the way we consume television content. With its extensive channel lineup, advanced streaming technology, and user-friendly interface, Volka Pro provides a comprehensive and enjoyable entertainment solution for users seeking a modern and flexible TV experience.

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