Silent Patient (Taekook)

Silent Patient (Taekook)

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"The least you could do is greet me. You almost come here every day." JJK.


"I haven't met a person more rude than you." JJK.


In which Taehyung is a pizza delivery boy, but he don't talk. A poor boy who is mute, or does the abuse from his boyfriend forced him to stay silent. The world knows nothing about his life. He is just a mute bratty guy who work hard to earn his living.

In which Jungkook is a new Psychologist in the town and not so patient one. He is very impulsive. He is short tempered but good by his heart. His paths meet with a young boy who seem like a brat but Jungkook can see the petrified self of the boy and he is willing to help him with all he got.

What will be the story of these opposite beings.

Top: Kook
Bottom: Tae

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