Shuli Go Stories Vol. 6: Liars and Cheats

Shuli Go Stories Vol. 6: Liars and Cheats

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Category: Fantasy
Zhao Lian is a sheriff without a county. A member of an old magical order called the Shuli Go, she was raised to uphold the law and protect her fellow citizens. But after her order was disassembled, she was left with no choice but to wander in search of work for someone with her very particular set of skills.

A travelling Shuli Go takes work wherever she can, and Zhao Lian has taken her fair share of terrible jobs. Finding the missing daughter of an aristocrat is one of the more tolerable, and lucrative, jobs she can imagine. But as it becomes clear this is no simple case of kidnapping or a runaway noblewoman, Lian will be faced with the prospect of doing the one job she hates most: destroying a family.

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