Shred Of Hearts [COMPLETED]

Shred Of Hearts [COMPLETED]

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Category: Werewolf
"Bold of you to assume you're worthy enough to occupy my thoughts."


Ciane has always been an outcast in her pack. With both her parents dead, she's an open target for bullies who find pleasure in her pain. When she finds her mate, she's shocked and does something she has never had the courage to do before; run.

Clouded by fury and pain, she vows to make her 'mate' pay, for all the torments she has faced at his hands and for almost taking something that is only hers to give. What Ciane doesn't expect is to meet a cold man whose life is intricately entwined with hers in ways she never thought possible.


Amazing cover BY @Shreya_VA

[Don't expect her to accept her pack and love the mate that abused her]

๐Ÿฅ‰Third place in the Icey Penguin Awards.

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This book is now available on Amazon and unfortunately they won't allow me to put it up elsewhere for free, not even the unedited draft. Sorry!The Vikings! Aelswyn had heard about them, all the tales of their barbaric behaviour, the rapes and pillages, the massacres, the burnt villages. But she never thought they would dare to attack her father's stronghold. And that they would succeed...

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