Shattered Love

Shattered Love

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Category: Romance
Alexandra Rakers was madly in love with Nikolei Machiavelli and was willing to do everything for him. The night before their big wedding, she had to leave Nikolei and the city with a heavy heart in order to save the love of her life from bankruptcy and lose his precious family's business. Little did she know that Nikolei detested her the moment she decided to leave him on their wedding day.

By the time she came back to be with her true love, she was met with a cold, ruthless and bitter Nikolei instead of the warm, kind-hearted and loving Nikolei whom she had felt deeply in love with a few years ago. He had made sure that she knew and never forget how he loathed every second she was in his sight.

What he didn't know that she was innocent from the beginning and when he realized it, will it be too late to win her back?

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When (y/n) Branwen the son of Qrow Branwen and Summer Rose mysteriously disappears one day, he learns the truth about the world. Three years later when (y/n) returns home he discovers that Summer had died looking for him, Qrow had become a drunken mess. The once happy and loving family he had once known has been shattered beyond recondition. After living on the streets for almost three months, (y/n) meets the only person who he feels could ever truly love him. Will (y/n) find happiness in the end or will he find nothing but darkness?I do not own anything from RWBY.

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