Shattered Chords

Shattered Chords

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Nagka-crush kana ba? Nagka-boyfriend? Naranasan mo na ba na yung crush mo ay naging boyfriend mo?

Nangyari kay Saelah 'yan, her crush have a girlfriend. But one day, she heard that her crush and his girlfriend broke up. She comfort her crush that cause her to love him more. Hindi na paghanga ang nararamdaman niya kundi pagmamahal na.

What will happened if that ex-girlfriend came back? Pero boyfriend na niya yung crush niya but she feels na mahal pa rin ng boyfriend niya yung ex-girlfriend.

What will she do? She will accept it or not?

"I fixed you when she broke you, but you broke me when you are already fixed." ― Saelah

PS : the cover that i used is not mine, credits to the real owner. [@pinterest]

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Rating: 14+ (for mildly suggestive content)DO NOT read or interact if you're under 14All imagines are fem!reader • Scenarios• Snapchats• Texts• Lots of AUs• Fluff• Saucy moments (no smut)‼️DO NOT STEAL/REPOST MY IMAGINES‼️Started: January 31, 2020Updates are slow. Please be patient with me[I DO NOT ACCEPT TRANSLATIONS ANYMORE]

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