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A Mafia Series

Due to depression from childhood , Yn was a very sensitive girl also innocent . Her parents left her , but her adopted parents are abusive meanwhile Kim Taehyung aka The mafia king is a ruthless mafia who met her through some deals .

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Satan's Most wanted Person

Satan: The supreme evil spirit or deity who tempts humanity and rules hell Most wanted: Someone subject to detainment by authorities in sight.This is a novel of a young lady's journey to fulfill her God-given destiny in her life and her encounter with the devil disguised as human. She has become his MOST WANTED PERSON and she would be his most priced target why, because a Superior being has intricately woven His divinity around her... He now has a mission to accomplish. All odds have been laid on the table.....Excerpt"Well, don't think the devil is going to leave you alone just because you claim to be a child of God," he said with a smirk..."I am not claiming, I know that very well Claunt Luc and I also know my God will never leave me alone just because I am His child," I retorted with a smile and a tone of sincerity lace in my voice.
Masked Truths: Book 1

When Cassie Evans starts high school and meets Blaze, a kid who seems to have a secret grudge against her family, her entire world is thrown upside down. As their friendship grows, they learn facts about one another's pasts, and Cassie is horrified. Her father had arrested Blaze's innocent father for murder, but the only problem was that her father was being honest, but the lie detector showed that Blaze's father was innocent. Together, the pair unravel this mystery of the murder and find some of the most perplexing things about each other's families.
Godly Empress Doctor Chapters 3001-3200

//**This story belongs to Su Xiao Nuan (苏小暖) and published here for personal offline reading use.**//A genius abandoned by her clan. A proud, pampered, two-faced imperial crown prince, a developing supreme ruler of the world. She, tricked and provoked him. Every time, after playing with him and stirring him up, she'd escape. No man could put up with this! He could only hunt her, pamper and indulge her, lure her into falling in love with him, who would have thought, the one to first fall in love would turn out to be him---- A young man who stood above the world, a young lady who dominated the landscape, evenly matched opponents, evenly matched romantic game of chase and tag.
All I see is Sainz

She's a single mother to a toddler living in Spain You work as a secretary in a law firm. One day you bump into a handsome Spaniard inside a cafe on your way to work. You agree to a date thinking it would be a one time thing, but when he asks to see you again you know you have to tell him you're a single mother. Will he run at the mention of a child? Or will he want to stick around? Will Angela finally find love? And will he be accepting of her son?
Right Hook (Gaslight series) COMPLETE

When rich girl Alyssa grows tired of the high-life, she joins a boxing gym for delinquents, where she must fight her feelings for one of the members or risk ruining her family's reputation. ****Eighteen-year-old Alyssa Class is known as the rich bitch, the girl with the perfect life - except her life is anything but perfect.Max O'Connor knows first-hand what it's like to have nothing, which is why he's hellbent on becoming a boxer -if he can avoid distractions. But when Alyssa joins a gym for delinquents, their worlds collide, and sparks - and fists - start to fly. With controlling parents on their case and her dad's business on the line, will the pair fight for family or love?*UPDATES DAILY**This is a Gaslight spin-off. It will feature some familiar characters but is a standalone book and can be read without reading Gaslight.**If you aren't reading this book on Wattpad, it has been stolen. Please report the website!*
Short Ghost Stories

The stories in this book are based on true events that happened mainly in Asia. We do get stories from the US and Australia as well. The names have been changed to protect the identity of the victims.
Royal beta's rejected mate

running from your past will never help you to conquer your demons. You need to face them before the decided to break you into pieces.Rossy is a pack doctor of white moon pack. she is kind, cheerful and can bring a smile in everyone's face.But only she knows the truth that is behind her eyes that she is broken.Sam beta of royal wolf pack. Once known for his great personality and liked by every person in the world. But his world came crashing down once he rejected his mate.why he rejected his mate? What are her secrets? -----------------------------------------Give it a try...#1 in royal (03/08/21)#1 in royalbeta (03/08/21)
විදෙව් ( NONFIC SINHALA BL ongoing )

දඟකාර යෞවනයේ පාට හතේ පෙම...

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For Want of Change

Rilen was raised fairly normal, loving parents, the normal amount of bickering and fighting that came with being the youngest of three, and a few friends from school. Of course, this all became not so normal when you threw in the fact that almost everyone in his town was, or knew about, werewolves, including himself and his family. Rilen was an Omega in the Rain pack, the most soulless, ruthless pack out there. That's what most thought anyways. based solely on how they treated their Omegas, most called it abuse, Rilen called it respect.Rilen longed for the day everyone treated him the same as he was treated in his pack, and against all odds, that day would come soon.

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Harriet Potter in: The Mummy

Harriet Potter and Luna are fed up with the Wizarding world. Harri, the new Dark Lady? You've got to be joking! And so they did something new, something terrifying. They went to a new world. What awaits them?I have no rights to The Mummy, just my characters Harriet and Luna (Somewhat)

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Tailspin: A Top Gun Love Story

According to Maverick, falling in love feels like the wicked spiral of a compromised aircraft: terrifying, chaotic, and completely out of your control....The story of Pete "Maverick" Mitchell's wild descent into love with none other than his number one rival's girlfriend....Book One in the "Freefall" series!

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10 horrifying japanese urban legends

These are not mine 😁

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Transfix | SKZ Thriller Story

The most impossible of them all happened, a zombie outbreak. All once just a mythical fear turned into a horrifying, infected apocalypse. Four years of torment finally passed, only one more must commence before StrayKids can get to a military bunker safe. But, it's not all smooth sailing when one of them gets infected, it became a domino effect.Can they all make it in one piece? Or will they be left to fend for themselves?(⚠️ TW: zombies, mentions of gore ⚠️lazy writing(?), rushed storyline(?), NOT proofread.

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Popstar ~ Sokeefe Story ~ Human A.U.

Sophie has been living a double life, one as a kid at school no one pays attention to, and a international sensation. Her stage name is the Moonlark. And she has to protect this secret if she wants to live a normal live.

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My Sister Stole My Boyfriend [Completed]

Quinn's sister hates her rotten guts, and is trying to wreck her life. It's come to a point where Quinn's a refugee, fleeing the torture her sister has inflicted upon her mentally, and physically. With terrifying nightmares, a blood thirsty killer, and a target, everybody is in danger. With humor, pain, anticipation, new friendships, hope, and yes, a little romance, I bring to you an alluring story. And it all started when her sister stole her boyfriend. . .

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Danger | Tate Langdon x Reader | Book One

danger by ashlee winter.Basically, you move from across the country to LA, California to 'bond' with your older sibling, Aiden, who just so happens to live in the infamous Murder House. The Murder House has a terrifying yet interesting history from a doctor obsessed with rearranging animal parts to a woman who set herself and her daughters on fire. Will this 'other side' and it's history get in between you and your so-called 'bonding'?if any questions or concerns arise in ya'll's pretty little minds please feel free to send me a private message. :)

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Ink it up (Bendy X Mickey) {Complete}

Two toons; one loved by all, and the other forgotten. While Bendy is stuck to stay in the workshop, Mickey is free to roam in the toon world. Though, one day, Mickey wants to be away from it, and goes into the run-down building, not knowing that it was where Bendy was. With a screwed up first impression, the two instantly become friends. But how will Mickey react when he learns that Bendy can't leave? Read to find out.Words: 9,974

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