Senseless ↠ Peter Parker

Senseless ↠ Peter Parker

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❝Y/N Parker? I like the sound of that.❞ // ❝Yeah, me too.❞

| Peter Parker x Reader


THIS BOOK IS COPYRIGHTED!! I do not consent to this story being republished on ANY site other than Wattpad, or by any user other than me.

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"C- Can you move b- back a little?" My words made him smirk and if it's even possible, he came closer. Why do I always have to stuck between him and the desk?!"Why? Am I making you nervous?" "No." I lied. Ofcourse, he was making me nervous. His eyes had the power to hold a person on his place and that's what his eyes were doing to me. "Really?" He asked, putting his hands on my waist and pulling me closer towards him. On instinct, I put my hands on his chest. I didn't like it. I didn't like the way my body was responding to his touches. "T- This is un- unprofessional." I choked out the words, but I wish I couldn't have. He brought his face closer, so close that I could feel his minty breath on my lips. My lips parted accordingly in shock. "Oh, is it?" He said, mockingly.Oh god! What have I gotten myself into?••••Aaron Steele, the CEO of the multi billionaire Steele's Company was the eligible bachelor of 25. He always had his way among girls and having blue eyes, a chiseled jaw and a hot body, didn't help either. With new woman on her arms every other day, he was obviously not planning on falling on that cliché word also called love, but would his thoughts of not falling in love still remain the same, after meeting her? Sienna Collins was a girl of 22 with extremely shy personality. After completing her graduation, the only thing in her mind was to get a good job and settle on her own, but what she didn't expected was a job at Steele's Company. This is a story of the innocent and the sinful. Read inside to find out what happens when two persons from exactly opposite worlds collide together. #I would suggest 14+ to read this story as some part in the book contains mature scenes.~# 37 in Romance#12 in humor *I am not a grammer nazzy, so there would be grammatical mistakes.*
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Ghostly Doctor ManhuaMyanmar translation(part_6)Original author_Feng JiongArtist_Yuan Man DongmanIf you like this Manhua,pls also support original author & artists like as supporting me.This is only fan translation.I hope you will like this Manhua.Thanks

A bunch of Atlanta shit A lil Chicago shitSome hoodrat shitA lil drug shit A little bit of love in this bitch , but most importantly a good ass read.Kiyari "Kash" a badass female who don't go for bullshit encounters Nahzir "Draco" someone who acts just like her. What happens when the two clash together and shit hits the fan?
A Maxley fic (I can't title books)😭✊

⚠️Cover art is not mine⚠️It's a Maxley fic because I can't find any😭 It's probably gonna be really cringe. Have fun I guess✊🥲
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