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♤OWNED♤ +18

this story is like all the other mafia husband and arrange marriage like yall read in wattpad but this one is my way or how I think would be good/this story has sexual content which means /smutt/so read at your own risksThank you so much for 2.99k #1 in roughtimes
The Italian Beast

Most people had the ability to say that their best friend was their sister, but all my sister had done was betray me by messing with my fiance behind my back. Even if I was the kind of sweet girl who was only a hopeless romantic, I had my limits, and heartbreak was one of them. After a wild night of partying, I woke up, hungover in an unfamiliar room, apparently belonging to Cole Morettie. He was the kind of man who made you want to stop in a second - even if you were in public. Not to mention he wanted me all to himself. Some chapters will be private due to content, so follow to read them!!! Delete the book, log out and back in then readd it. Cover Credit: Punkxst The Italian Beast. © 2016. All Rights Reserved.This work is registered and protected on
The Hybrid | Bts Ot7 fanfic (Unedited)

What happens when a chain of random events leads a hybrid to the biggest mafia group in the world. What if the feline falls in love with not one, but all seven of them? Will they think of her more than a mere pet? Or will she return to her life on the streets?
Beyblade Metal Fusion! Season 1

This is the 1st Season of Beyblade Metal! This is a start of how it all began with two male bladers who are two Pegasus Users who wanted to become Stronger and become the best bladers in the world as they faced many obstacles, other strong bladers/rivals, etc.

All I ever wanted

"I know we broke up, but.., " he whispers in my ear, trailing his finger lightly along my arm. He places a soft kiss on my collarbone, making a shiver course through me. He tilts his head so he's staring straight into my eyes. His pupils dilate as he gazes at my face, stroking my cheeks slightly with his thumb. "I just can't seem to give you up." And with that, he crashes his lips onto mine. ~~~After her boyfriend cheats on her with her best friend and disappears from town without an explanation, Dove Kelch loses all hope in love and fairytales. Two years later, she plans to go through the senior year unscathed, but everything changes when her ex returns to town in the grandest way ever. Insert the arrival of a new exchange student who falls for Dove and threatens to break down her walls, being everything her ex wasn't.But as they say- your first love is always the hardest. Now Dove is stuck between her cold-hearted first love and the new guy who treats her like a queen. As feelings unravel and secrets unveil, Dove gets to learn that the devil you know might be better than the angel you don't know. And how quickly can love change to obsession? Throw in the funniest classmates, late-night drives, crazy parties, and get ready for this roller coaster of drama.Warning: contains mature scenes.

These characters are not mine! They belong to kaaatie on YouTube Fundamental paper education fandom!!Started: 4-11-2024

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Sinfully Delicious

Things have finally calmed down in Story Brooke. Emma and Killian are finally able to spend time together without having to worry about anything. Regina and Robin Hood are so nauseatingly cute together, it even makes Snow White want to barf. For once it seems that everyone can be happy and all is right in the world. But this is Story Brooke we're talking about. Nothing happy, ever stays very long.A Regina Mills x Reader love story because I can't get enough of this badass

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Always - Sequel to Stay Together For The Kids

IF YOU HAVENT READ STAY TOGETHER DO NOT READ THE BLURB :)'"What do you think he would say right now?" He asks, looking to me. "You mean Michael?" I ask, rolling slightly over, letting the sheet roll off my naked body. He nods, frowning slightly. "Well, he'd kick your ass for starters." I can't help but grin. He moves into me, wrapping his hand around my delicate body. It had been a hard year. I hadn't meant to fall in love again. It just, happened.'Michael's funeral is over. It's time to move on, for everyone. Lily has found it more difficult then ever. Her husband has left her alone with his distraught best friends and daughter. Her mother's cancer has progressed far worse then any of them could of imagined. She doesn't know who to turn to. And then, he comes along... Unexpected, unexplained, and undeniable. But Lily doesn't know if she will ever get over Michael. Or if she ever really wants to. "I've been here before, a few times. And I'm quite aware, we're dying."

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My Opinion On Ships

Read the title

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Secrets, Struggles, & Soulmates - Scarian

⚠ Cover Art Isn't Mine ⚠(I wish it was though like, DAMN! talent!!! When Mumbo Jumbo died unexpectedly his best friend, Grian, never recovered. He'd locked himself in his house and hasn't left it for six entire months. All the other hermits were worried sick about him, and the only one who hadn't given up, hadn't lost hope, was Scar. He still showed up at Grian's door every single day. Could Scar save Grian from the massive hole he'd dug for himself, or had he gone too far to come back?Total word count: 47, 172Started: July 22, 2022Ended: August 24, 2022This is offiacially on AO3 under the same name! I also have the same name on AO3 :)

84.1K 28 2.9K Full
A Very Stormy Holiday

Rain's bakery is the sole means of support for him and his little sister Lys. His livelihood is put in danger when a large chain bakery opens in their small town. Even if that also brings the arrival of the handsome alpha Phayu.

7.8K 8 549 Full
Stiles Stilinski and The Lost One

[Book 1 of the Harry Potter x Teen Wolf series]There wasn't a single wizard or witch in the Wizarding World that hadn't heard Stiles Stilinski's name.Everyone had heard the story of the boy wizard that had somehow singlehandedly defeated the Nogitsune, at the mere age of five, saving his life.Six years later, at the age of 11, like every other wizard and witch his age, Stiles begins his Hogwarts journey.

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DraakTale Gaster Story [PL]

Ta historia zaczyna się zaledwie jakiś miesiąc po przełamaniu bariery i uwolnieniu potworów z Podziemia w DraakTale AU. Możecie poznać dalsze losy naukowca i przy okazji dowiedzieć się o co chodzi z tym uniwersum... oraz podglądać jak Gaster zakochuje się.

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Jay and Mal a love story

jay and mal have always been close and when they came to auradon and mal started dating Ben, he thought it was over. Little did he know that his proclamation would expire because he made it when he wasn't officially king, so the VK's got sent back to the isle. Harry had mal in his sights and uma had jay in her, but little did they know Jafar and Maleficent would be very pleased to have their play things back. what will happen? Will Mal and Jay ever get to be together? Will Uma and Harry achieve their goal? And will they even survive the torture from their parents

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Lock of Lies【 hoshino x f.reader】

You woke up one day in the infamous anime series called "Oshi no Ko." Once the situation you were in dawned upon you, you made it your ultimate mission to save Ai Hoshino from death.

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Enoch Mayfields deals with each and every aspect of building design

Being one of the oldest and broadest branches of engineering, mechanical engineering involves design, analysis, manufacturing, operation and maintenance of the mechanical systems. Indeed, mechanical engineering deals with each and every aspect of building design, right from structural integrity to material selection. Mechanical engineers are quite critical to the inner workings of the society. They research, design, develop, manufacture and test a wide variety of mechanical devices that include tools, engines and machines.Being a highly sought after mechanical engineer, Enoch Mayfields is currently working in a reputed company in Massachusetts. Here, he is solely responsible for collaborating with the project managers to develop and accurate accounting of all the hours that are required for various types of internal projects. He also identifies process deficiencies and makes efforts to develop solutions in order to improve those deficiencies. He evaluates mechanical and electromechanical systems and products by designing and conducting the research programs.Pertaining to his education, Enoch Mayfields pursued in Master of Engineering from a reputed university in Massachusetts. Talking about the skills Enoch Mayfields is pro at; he is an active learner who clearly understands the implication of new information for both problem solving and decision-making. He has excellent operations analysis as he always analyzes needs and the product requirements to create an innovative design. Moreover, he holds a great ability to adopt a particular equipment and technology to serve the user needs. Additionally, Enoch is highly proficient in time management as he manages his own time as well as that of others.

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