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Gawking two guys in a hot-blown make-out session in the mathematical section of the library was not what I expected my first day after Winter breaks to be like.

And didn't realize that seeing them was about to change my whole high school experience...

Lillian Smith, the shy, quiet, nerdy girl, gets transferred to the most prestigious high school in her town, West Hills High, on a scholarship in her junior year. She spends half of her year hiding from the rich kids at her school to prevent any trouble. But one accidental encounter at the library with the popular bad boy of her high school changes things for her.

One little secret leads to another until Lillian gets stuck with the secrets of the popular group, The Clichés. The burden of the secrets becomes heavy, and Lillian doesn't know what to do with them anymore.


"What's your name?"

"Lillian... Lillian Smith."

"Okay, Lillian, so this is what going to happen next." He crossed his arms. "I'm going to let you go and you-" he held his finger at me, "- will tell no one about this." I bobbed my head. "And if I hear even a single word uttering from your mouth about us..." He gestured between him and Toby. "I will-"

"- Kill you." I finished for him and give him a thumbs up. "Got it."

"Then it's settled!" Toby announced, clasping his hands and beamed. "It's going to be our little secret."


@TeenFiction (Head Over Heals)
@Humor (Isn't it romantically funny?)
@YA (Clueless)


#1 Teen, Rich Kids, Secret affair, Nerd, Playboy
#3 Young adult, Humor

[Words count: 200,000 - 250,000]

**Book Cover and Trailer made by me**

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