Second to None Reincarnation

Second to None Reincarnation

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Category: Fantasy
I'm Jessica a 16 year old high school student. I am a very skilled person. I don't have any family and I don't have a home. My life is horrible. One day I saved someone but in the process I died. God decided to give me a present.

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Hi guys. Una sa lahat hindi huli hindi rin gitna una nga diba? Upaks. Hahahahah. First time kong gagawa ng story kaya uso pa lait. Hahahaha. Naiinspired kasi ako sa mga story nila idangs. Blue_maiden. Kaya titry kong magawa. Kaya kung may mga name jan na alam niyong galing sa wattpadstory nila. Mahal na mahal ko lang po talaga yung mga yun. So yun. Enjoyyyyy****Do you know how love doctor fall inlove? Kasi siya di niya alam. All she know is to give advice but she didn't how to fall inloveBut what if someone teach her how to fall inlove? What if yung nag turo sa kanya yung magbabago nang nakasanayan niya? What if when she fell inlovewith that person who teaches her to her struggle, to have a pain and to get hurt? Mabibigyan niya pa kaya ng advice ang sarili niya.

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babtqtim one shot

there might be some that an't reqeust and no i don't lemon sorry

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Tomioka Giyu and Tokito Muichiro, the two Hashiras known for their quietness in the Demon Slayer Corps; the former due to his reluctance of forming close bonds to another, the latter due to his short-term memory. If they can't voice out their thoughts, how about some keys to help them open up? 88 to be exact.oneshot[All credits go to the respective owners of their creations. Shoutout to the original artist of the fanart on the cover, who I don't know. Everything in relation to Demon Slayer/Kimetsu No Yaiba is all owned by Koyoharu Gotouge.]

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국민연금가입자가입증명위조ぃ ⊙ ㉸톡ID: best3838 텔레그램: MW6969  ⊙ ◈졸업증명서위조,병원진단서위조,국가기술자격증위조

【졸업증명서위조】 ▷㉸톡ID: best3838 ▷텔레그램:: MW6969 【졸업장위조】【신분증위조】 ✍【각종서류위조업체】 ✍✉메일:[email protected]【대학교졸업증명서위조】▷㉸톡ID: best3838 ▷텔레그램:: MW6969 신용✅안전✅신속✅보안✅업계최고✅

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A person who was happy, that lead to hurt, to pain, to numbness.

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