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Category: Non-Fiction
This is a compilation of stories involving childhood abuse and trauma through a first-person impactful perspective mostly chronological. It is my story and is not fabricated in any way. I am posting just to get feedback thank you.

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This is book two, the first book is called Mistreated and RejectedChloe, her brother Alex and her Alpha Luke have been caught by hunters. They must find a way back to their pack and friends. But that seems near impossible. Lifes are on the line as Chloe tries to save everyone she loves. She learns that there's a war coming. A war between the hunters and the werewolves. Who will win?
Others anime and cote reacts to Ayanokoji

it is (the continuation) of the Wattpad of Shadowmonarch325 because I really like the concept with now all the school of oreigaru QQ Cote ... as well as perhaps other people who add this and other points of view of example QQ in COTE sorry if there are serious mistakes because I am not English thank you for your understanding and let's go(and all this up to vol 4.5)
Fixing the Broken

Carter Miller is a 17 year old girl who started moving around with her mom when her dad died. They end up in her moms hometown for Carter to graduate high school where her mom did. Carter's never been one for staying quiet and rule following, but she's overall a good person, so what happens when she meets the bad boy in town, thinks he's drop dead gorgeous and can't seem to stay away from him?Noah Eades is Crestridge's town bad boy. Skipping school, partying, ignoring everyone but his 3 best friends. None of these are new to him, and it started after his dad died. Him and his 3 best friends practically run Crestridge High. He's quiet but he always gets what he wants. Then there's a new girl who uses sarcasm to hide what really goes on inside her head, she has no filter and doesn't really care about what people think of her. Both are broken. Can the broken fix the broken? ~~~~~"Noah what do you want? huh??" I scoff and begin to walk away because I can't stand to look at him right now.He grabs my hand and pulls me back, by now we're both soaking wet from the rain pouring down on us."I want to listen to you talk about your dad and brother, I want to watch you dance in the kitchen while making cookies, I want you to run your fingers through my hair when you think I'm asleep, I want you to horribly belt out the lyrics to your favorite songs in the front seat of my car, I want to bring you to the spot I used to go with my dad, I want to take care of you when your drunk out of your mind, I want to get a tattoo with you, I want you to hold my hand while you get your belly button pierced, I want to fall asleep with you in my arms, I want you to have my kids and to grow old with you, but right now? I want to tell you I'm in love with you."#14 in romance#1 in badboyinlove#6 in teen fiction#15 in new#3 in badboy
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╔⏤⏤⏤╝❀╚⏤⏤⏤╗ Blueycapsules Volume ~1-4~ Follow @Blueycapsules on twitter for original ╚⏤⏤⏤╗❀╔⏤⏤⏤╝

══.✾. ═════.✾. ═════.✾. ═════.✾. ════.✾. ═══.✾. Author: SandKastleSource: Novel BinStatus: Ongoing═.✾. ═════.✾. ═════.✾. ═════.✾. ════.✾. ════.✾. ⚠️ NOT MY STORY⚠️Description~☆In a twist of fate, Jun Hao, a ruthless street thug known for his brute strength and sharp instincts, dies at the hand of the boss he served like a slave. When he thought he would die, he saw a screen flash before his eyes-it was a system and a status window! [System integrating: Become A Top Idol] Jun Hao finds himself abruptly transported into the body of Choi Joon-ho, a timid trainee hoping to make it big in the cutthroat world of idols through "Rising Stars," a highly popular idol survival show. In a world unfamiliar to him, where singing, dancing, and charisma reign supreme, Jun Hao must navigate the treacherous waters of an idol survival show or risk losing the life of his beloved younger sister.
LGBTQ+: Labels and more

Hey guys, gals and non-binary pals! This book filled with labels, their definitions, as well as things and art themed around them like aesthetics and pride flag arts (i own nothing, of course. Credit to the amazing artists)! I will also be including one of their awareness/visibility days or week. This book's main purpose is to be educational, not hateful or anything of the sort. I am going into everything with an open, accepting mind. REQUESTS ARE VERY WELCOME!Feel free to reach out if you need help figuring out your own identity. I'll try my best to help you ^•^ my pms, comments, and mb are open

Оригинальное название: MineАвтор/-ы, переводчик/-и: Gillianпер.: LennyБета: oLyasha, RassdaРейтинг: GРазмер: мидиПейринг: СС, ГПЖанр: AU, GeneralОтказ: все не мое.Разрешение на перевод: полученоЦикл: Мой [1]Фандом: Гарри ПоттерАннотация: Вопреки здравому смыслу, шесть лет назад Северус Снейп отдает частицу себя для одного заклинания. И больше не получается игнорировать последствия, и Снейп оказывается отцом пятилетнего мальчика.Комментарии: Уместны Каталог: AUПредупреждения: нетСтатус: Закончен
ချစ်ယောမြေမှ မောင့်အမောပြေ (ခ်စ္ေယာေျမမွ ေမာင့္အေမာေျပ )

"မောင့်ဝေဟင် အကြည်ပန်းမနွမ်းရွာကပန်းတွေဘာလို့မနွမ်းလဲသိလား""ပန်းတွေပေါလို့မလား""ဟင့်အင်း..မောင့်ဝေဟင်ရှိနေလို့ပါ"(မောင့်ကိုချစ်ခင်ပါ မြတ်နိုးပါ မေတ္တာရှိပါလေ...မောင့်ကိုပဲ ချစ်ခင်ပါ မြတ်နိုးပါ သစ္စာရှိပါလေ) Myanmar Oc

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