Scions of Heaven - Calamity

Scions of Heaven - Calamity

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Ten Miles of Peach Blossom/Three Lives Three Worlds/Eternal Love Fanfiction.

Dong Hua and Bai Fengjiu, Ye Hua and Bai Qian. These names are known and their love is legendary.

But is fate finished with their tales? Is destiny so easy to defy?

(Roughly thousand years have passed since the end of the events of TMOPB/Pillow Book.)

Extra tidbits/information/poems ect that did not fit into the main story

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Her Last Words[Completed]

Disclaimer: I do not own rights to Princess Aranya, Archmage Chen Ye, Donghua or Fengjiu. These are fictional characters created by Tang Qi Gong Zi."She will never be forgotten."Princess Aranya, abandoned by her biological parents at birth, had never experienced happiness. Her life up to her death, had been ultimately tragic. It was said that upon Aranya's death, in his rage, the powerful archmage Chen Ye cast a magic spell on Fanyin Valley, causing Fanyin Village's eternal winter.Eager to see her one last time, he created HER WORLD. A dream dimension, where she existed. The Dream of Aranya.There are tales of travellers who stepped into the dimension by chance when passing that area in Fanyin Valley, and have not managed to escape. At the worst, some have even died while trying to dispel the "illusions".What happens when one day, a pair of lovers chance upon the dimension and by fate or by chance, are drawn into it? The Pillow Book fanfiction about Aranya and Chen Ye.Inspired by the C-drama TV series.Follow me for updates on twitter @ Sansserifa1.
Three Lives, Three Worlds - The Tale of the Fox Princess

Young Bai Feng Jiu is born with a terrible destiny. Of course, she does everything in her power trying to fix it. Read about her journey towards adulthood and finding love.
Bury My Heart at Kunlun Mountain

The strict and cunning twin God's of War, Mo Yuan and Ye Hua, were gifted a winsome yet peculiar, ancient peach blossom sapling from their friend Zhe Yan, to plant on Mt. Kunlun. Time passed and the tree climbed great in size, greater than any blossom tree in all the realms. For eighty-thousand years the long branches wept petals day and night and bore not a single fruit. One spring evening, as twilight settled in, the heavy smell of peach filled the noses of the twin gods, beckoning them closer as they stood under the enchanted foliage and watched the blushing fruit slowly swell. A creaking and snapping of wood stirred as the pale tree trunk opened from high. A light chime of bells followed and out tumbled a mortal girl with eyes of amber.
The Fox princess and the Heartless God.

Many years after Ye Hua's revival and his reunion with Qian Qian... Qian Qian's niece Feng Jiu desperately in love with the former Earth and Heaven God Dijun(Dong Hua).. tries to melt his heart.. No matter how many times Dijun rejected Feng Jiu's feelings and acted with cruelty ,she still loved him...Then one day Feng Jiu finds out that her beloved Dijun...erased his own name from the Rock of Three incarnations ... In order to be single forever.. Desperate, Feng Jiu Runs to Dijun that confirm it... Dijun admits it, and Feng Jiu cuts of her 9 tails, which resulted to excruciating pain and endangered her life.. The princess runs of to the Rock of Three incarnations to find her name and Dijuns.. But unfortunately none of their names were written... Thanks to the tail cut she created a knife in order to carve their names.. But all of her tries we're in vain... Each time she wrote their names they would disappear ...Losing consciousness... Feng Jiu was carried by Dijun, who found her laying on the Rock... After some time ,Feng Jiu regains her consciousness, convinced that her feelings are connected to Dijun, decides to find any way for them to be together.. One day,in a chronicle she finds out that there is a way to travel in the past..A/N : all right reserved owner of the series .
Affectionate Dream

Where did it all go wrong? Was it when he sent that letter, and told her there was an escape? Or was it even earlier, when he held the Cotton Rose cream gently in his two hands, deep in thought? Or perhaps, were things already not meant to be from the moment they first met?What if things could turn out differently, even if just for a moment? Could fate really be changed, if one wished earnestly enough for it? Or is the best one can wish for an affectionate dream?Qingti fanfic inspired from "Eternal Love of Dream" (《三生三世 • 枕上书》). Some story elements were taken from the drama version, and some from the original novel. Cover art and design and other sporadic artwork by yours truly lol ;A;

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