School Love 🔞🔞 ( Jk FF )

School Love 🔞🔞 ( Jk FF )

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He was a fuckboy ..

But she was a sweet, shy and kind-hearted girl ....

She knew he was a fuckboy but she fell for him .

( He was a red flag but she was colour blind )

" Slow your moans down yn * arghh * if your dad hears *mmhmm* he will beat my ass up " he said thrusting her hard while her dad was sleeping in the next room .


Lots of sm*t...( Sm*ts gonna be detailed)

mature language

Thr**some.....( Detailed )


Self harm......

Teen pragnency and many more things.....

If any of this triggers you plzz skip this
then 🙂

This ff is very mature contented so kids plzz stay away .

My English is not so good you know, so there is gonna be grammatical mistakes plzz ignore ( or you can correct I will really appreciate ) ........

This ff is just a work of my imagination ( my imagination 🔞🌚😈 ) don't take it seriously and just enjoy, soo let's get started

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