Scary Mafia Stepbrothers {BTS FF}

Scary Mafia Stepbrothers {BTS FF}

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y/n a 16 yr old innocent girl with a miserable past. what will happen when she got to know that her mom is dating someone and she's going to have 7 stepbrothers ?


??? : You're only mine y/n only MINE! I'll ruin you baby girl, I'll make your life a worst nightmare. Just Wait and Watch *evil laugh*

there is only brother and sister relationship in between y/n and BTS

English is not my first language so there'd be typo and grammatical mistakes so bear with it

⚠️ warning ⚠️

in this story there are swear words and so if you're uncomfortable please don't read it

this is my first book so you can say I'm baby author please support me :)


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My Key Obsession is Unhealthy!!!

Videos and pictures starring my favorite member Key!!!Also will include his shippings (TaeKey, MinKey, JongKey etc..)

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