Saving A Villain

Saving A Villain

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Category: Science Fiction

There were sparks when we met, but not the kind that you would think.
One look at him quite literally knocked me out.
I was unconscious.
He was not some shining hero on a white horse, who swooped in and saved the day.
No he put the Hero's head through a wall and laughed.
Overall, he and I are a complete shit show.
Shit show.
He isn't nice.
Or kind.
Or hell, even legally decent.
And he sure as hell isn't sane.
Through all his shitty qualities, the villainous attitude, and even all the multiple attempts on my life.
I fell for the villain of the century.
My damn luck.
Blue Doom.
But did we get the semi-happy ending? Or at least the one you're suppose to get when you end up with the villain of the story.
But no.
I get the short stick.
He's nothing I ever imagined, but everything I'll ever need.
I already fell in love with the villain, now its time for me to save his crazy ass.

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