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This will contain lots of ships including errorink hatemare cream crossmare drink and idk what else hatemare is my fav tho. Might do sin if people want.

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Book of Sanscest Oneshots

Requests are closed.For nowCover art by not me... I'm just kidding, I totally did it
☽ Troublemaker ☾《Nightkiller》

✰ 𝟯𝟱𝟬𝟬𝟬~ 𝘄𝗼𝗿𝗱𝘀 | 𝘂𝗻𝗳𝗶𝗻𝗶𝘀𝗵𝗲𝗱 | ❝ why do you hate me? ❞ ♡ Killer is a troublemaker, through and through. Being a lazy skeleton who jokes all the time, people don't take him seriously. He brushes it off, but in reality, words do really hurt. ♡ ... COVER ART BY ME; DO NOT REPOST OR REUSE.Dedicated to Alison, my best friend who put up with my Undertale shenanigans and proof-read the early drafts of my chapters. The first reader to everything. 💜
Error on short two

I felt like 80 chapters were enough so here is number two
The game won't end until the KING falls [Killermare]

Nightmare lost everything. Everyone left him the moment he showed weakness, even though that was when he needed them the most.Killer stayed. Killer wouldn't leave him. Killer would always be by his side. He had sworn to do it.So Nightmares figures were gone except for the king and queen, had either defected to the opposing side or simply left. Dream clearly had the upper hand in this game.But nobody expected outside interference. The only question was which side they swear their loyalty to. Will it be the warm, intense sun or the cool, gentle moon?[Besides my Ocs, I don't own any of the characters]
sancest And Fontcest

Slow updates :,D
¡~The Nightmare that will never End~! An Empireverse AU Story

~Empireverse by Lunnar-Chan~ The story is in a Multiverse called "Empireverse" where Two kingdoms are at war.But not everything is as it seems... Yanderes, Traitors, Emperors, All things that will be revealed soon! This story will have Fluff and Gore since it's a Yandere story too!It might have Abuse, but that not yet decided...There will be alot of Drama and ships. T/W in this book:-Angst -Fluff -Abuse-Hardcore Lime-Yanderes-Swearing. ((Like a lot-)) -Fouth Wall breakers. Ships are:Nightkiller {The main ship}CreamErrorinkDustBerryAfterdeathAnd the suprising one... {Outerkill}Cannon ships in Empireverse:CreamNightkillerErrorinkProbably HorrordustAfterdeathOuter X Blueberry {Don't know the ship name}P. S: If you don't like any of these ships or hate on them. I suggest you find another book.

"ATGFAH"(A twisted game for a heart)This story is about the target harem obsessing over Killer...They fight over who gets Killer's love. Their agression for each other grows day by day. All of them went INSANE just for Killer... and Killer, didn't know that he was in a game that included... Stealing, Cheating, Killing, Stalking, and Sexual Abuse...He didn't really know what trouble he was in...Warning this book contains...- Rape- Angst- Explicit Words- Unhealthy Obssesions- Fluff- Gore- Murder- Onesided Love- Toxic Love- Torture- Adult Jokes- Cheesy Love PoemsShips the book includes...- Nightmare X Killer- Epic X Killer (Angst)- Hate X Killer (Onesided)- Swad X Killer (Onesided)- Color X Killer (Onesided)- Outer X Killer (Onesided)- Cross X Dream- Dust X Blue- Error X Ink- Reaper X Geno- Fell X Classic- Bill X Error404- Horror X Lust
Moonlight Princess (Empireverse Nightmare x Child! Reader)

You are a little orphan girl that was lucky enough to be adopted by Nightmare the King of the Moon Empire after years of abuse and neglect of the orphanage. Living your life happily in the castle as the eldest daughter to the royal family, new experiences, and many changes await you...but what happens when old family tensions rise and tragedy strikes, one question willing are you to fight for a piece of a broken family you call yours?~~~~~~~~~~~~~"What do you think?""This is all mine?""Well of course it is, you are my little princess now"..."Now presenting your new queen!""I promised to protect this empire when I took the crown""I'm not letting you go!"I do not own Undertale or Empireverse or any characters used unless stated otherwise. I do not own any images used either they belong to their rightful owners. I only own the plot thank you

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