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]Sanscest Oneshots[

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If everything went well - a bunch of oneshots with a bunch of ships. Rules and requests inside.

Also please don't leave any suggestive comments, there's a reason why this book doesn't have lemons (aka I'm sex repulsed).

(Cover belongs to heartkillers on tumblr)

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Sanscest Stories! (REQUESTS CLOSED)

Not just Sanscest anymore! Papycest and (brotherly) Fontcest are welcomed too!Basically a book where I pour out all my Sanscest, Papycest, Fontcest ideas that I just need to let my creativity go free, and Destruction. :3 You can request and tell me how you want them to go, with a few minor changes...my ideas just- Born into my mind. ;3*me squealing in happiness*Mah Ranks!~#1 in Pray ♡#1 in Outerxkiller#1 in Horrorfarm#3 in ErrorxDream#3 in PalettexCray#4 in Supernova#5 in Dreammare#8 in Supernova......Author's Note; ... I will only admit to liking a few of what I wrote here, everything else...
Papa Nightmare ?

As the boss of his castle Nightmare takes responsiblity for his Bad Boys, some may not know that the dark skeleton is actually caring about them. Well you are about to find out in little one shots :3 includes ships like: Bad Sans x Bad SansAttention: Cover picture drawn by meDon't Copy. Don't trace. Don't steal. I worked hard and Work hard on pictures and stories.Hate will be blocked.
Error x Ink x Nightmare

This is my first story so my apologies if it is trashier than the multiverse itself. This story is also very inspired by other people so don't flame me. qwqError is the god of destruction, he used to be a different skeleton but Fate came and destroyed his AU and is now Error. Error cannot die no matter what because Fate won't allow it. Error is the Yin to Ink's Yang.Ink is the god of creation, he is a soulless being who cannot feel emotions, he is oblivious about the balance because he never listens to Fate which is why Fate did what they did to Error. Ink is the Yang. Ink drinks vials to feel emotions, but that one day changes.Nightmare is the god of negativity, he has a brother named Dream. The more negativity is around him the stronger he is, the more positivity there is around him the weaker he is. If he feels negative emotions from a specific person he can easily find who he is looking for. Same as Dream but dream follows the positive feelings.
The Lady Who Caught My Eye

He always dreamed to have a family......But he was deemed to be dangerous and unstable......They turned their backs on him......They wanted him gone......Then so mote it be......Now they will pay the consequences......For it was never his in the first place... ________________________________________________________________________________________________Hello everyone! This is the author speaking this will be in the world of Nerd and Jock AU. This is happening at FIADD Mr. Erratum, it has been three months since Mr. Erratum fell with Null and Void. It is happening after when Mr. Erratum was finished school already and he felt something had mess with the codes. And had received a call from Fresh that someone looks like him is injured and at the hospital and went there. That's all.Hope you'll like the story.(づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ(・-・) \(・◡・)/
The Teddy Bear Agreement | Updating

Elizabeth Hale just wants to rest. After finding out her father had an affair, taking care of her depressed mother, and fighting with her older sister about family matters, it seemed like going off to college would finally give her some room to breathe. Except, family problems seem to follow her wherever she goes. Her nights are sleepless with worry for her mother, and now her sister has disappeared, leaving her no one to talk to. Enter William Anderson, Lizzie's new roommate, who also seems to struggle with his sleeping schedule, and who might have some secrets of his own.When he and Lizzie realize both of them need some help to get through the night they come up with a plan to do just that. {Prev. Sleep Deprived}
sanscest oneshots [on permanent hiatus]

Oneshots on our favorite gay skeletons#8 crossmare on Jan. 15, 2020#1 spire on Jan. 31, 2020#4 sanscest on March 24, 2020#6 dustberry on Oct. 21, 2020#1 scifell on Dec. 2, 2023#13 kreme on Dec. 19, 2020#8 poth on Dec. 19, 2020
Error's book of angst and fluff (finished)

Please for goodness heavens, don't comment if you're really young, I had to delete enough of cringy comments. Also please don't leave any suggestive comments, there's a reason why this book doesn't have lemons (aka I'm sex repulsed).Just some one-shots about Error!Sans. Mostly fluff and some angst. Basically me throwing here whatever comes to my mind. Error is short, not because I said so, but because it's canon.In some chapters ships are directly shown, while in others they're not. If that's the case then they're probably friends, but there's nothing stopping you from seeing them as a ship.(Cover belongs to yufy01 on tumblr)

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No Limits

This story is kinda of out there so veiwer discretion is advised. Just a bunch of short stories of the sexual experiences I have encountered through my years.#XOTODI have been going into completed chapters and did some revisions. I am still a beginner writer so please be patient with me

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