Sans Au Oneshots [Requests Closed]

Sans Au Oneshots [Requests Closed]

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Alright, I will do any sanscest ship and I will do nb!y/n x sans au just those will NOT be lemon.
Please respect my wishes and boundaries and if there's a specific ship I wont do lemon with please respect that.
I won't do ocs or gender bending, but I will do different aus like dreamswap, swapdream, stuff like that and I will do human au!
Please tell me any specifics you want in the fic and please feel welcome to request multiple times! Just please don't request the same ship and same lemon/fluff/angst over and over again.
Oh and please request something other than lemon, people only ever request lemon and I want a different one through requests for once :')
Please remember that I am most likely going to ask you questions for what you want in the fic so be patient with me!

-covee by me-

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