Sam x Reader: Stay Awhile

Sam x Reader: Stay Awhile

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You live in a fairly large town, where the people that pass through are different everyday, and the people who pass through the diner you work in are even more varied. You meet a lot of different people in your town- especially hunters.

So you began saving an extra room in your house for them. A place where they could stay the night and not have to pay anything, because you knew money was usually short with hunters. You thought you could do this because you would never see the same hunter twice, and that it would all be good.

And then the Winchesters came along.

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The main character Vivan Kieran had a tragic beauty that didn't work out as it was supposed to be, and have her trapped in the cruelty of a deranged man, who would not stop at anything to have her submit to him.A multi-millionaire Damien Martin( Micheal ) who was traumatized, didn't miss a chance to take the sudden undeniable interest in Vivan. But not sure what he really wanted from this ordinary little girl.But he was ready to find out what he wanted, even if that involved claiming her in most brutal ways.------------:::My loins felt ripped, I got no insanity left. Something inside me had torn. There were places on my body where Damien had sunk his teeth into my skin and bitten, dug his nails into my neck, and twisted my head to one side, and slapped me repeatedly for a mistake I didn't make. Threatening me if I dared to make a sound. The tattoo that I refused to cover up, I didn't dare to remove, The memories...^---I hardly know HIM but I had to get to know HIMHE had access to machinery that could kill me, a gun.HE and HIS battle scars gave me an excruciating explore. The sadistic smirk from between HIS unsmiling lips. That night, the night HE forced Himself on me, the so-called wedding night, and all other times, HE ráped me.^---And so, when the numbness subsided, HE would force me to look at him, with his seeds still greasing my thighs. Making my mind whirl like crazy, just like HE wanted me to be. Without having an apparent reason, I had been torn down by him again and again, and the blame was on me.^---HE knew, or HE thought HE knew what was on my mind as HE controlled what I think, what I secretly wanted as HE successfully made me surrender. He had access to the authority that would chill me out, in the dark, in the sickening light of the precinct. It was always HIM, whether I accept or not, Damien.*Mature content**Age gap**Sexual words*Only 18+Please read at your own risk.
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PREDIKSI HEAD TO HEAD RUMANIA VS UKRAINA EURO 2024Halaman ini mencantumkan rekor head-to-head Rumania vs Ukraina termasuk kemenangan dan kekalahan terbesar antara kedua belah pihak, dan statistik pertemuan di semua kompetisi. Anda berada di halaman di mana Anda dapat membandingkan tim Rumania dan Ukraina sebelum memulai pertandingan uefa euro 2024.Tim Sepak Bola Rumania dan Ukraina memainkan 3 Permainan sejak 2010. Diantaranya, Rumania menang - pertandingan (Total Gol 7, PPG 2.3), Ukraina menang 2 (Total Gol 9, PPG 3.0), dan seri 1. Hasil H2H Terakhir Rumania vs Ukraina , Asian Handicap Menang%: 0,0%, Total Gol Lebih%: 100,0%.5 pertandingan terakhir, Rumania menang 3 kali, Seri 1, Kalah 1, 2,0 Gol per pertandingan, Kebobolan 1,0 Gol per pertandingan, Asian Handicap Menang%: 60,0%, Total Gol Lebih%: 60,0%.5 pertandingan terakhir, Ukraina menang 2 kali, Seri 1 kali, Kalah 2 kali, 1,8 Gol per pertandingan, Kebobolan 0,6 Gol per pertandingan, Handicap Asia Menang%: 100,0%, Total Gol Lebih%: 60,0%.Untuk informasi prediksi lebih lanjut kunjungi webiste kamiLink resmi : #euro2024 #UEFAeuro2024 #sepakbola #indonesiafootball #worldfootball #taruhanbola #fooballclub #indonesiac #sepakbolaindonesia #shintaeyong

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