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Category: Adventure
A temp, is hired to help around at Sam & Max Freelance Police.

Analyzing the address again, (Y/N) feels a sensation of uneasiness, what with the business only having two employees. Sketchy. Although (Y/N) struggles to make ends meet with their rent payments, so this has to happen.

A few months have passed and now (Y/N) could probably give less of a damn about their coworkers' wacky hijinks. Hell, even they join in sometimes.

This story also consists of cursing and suggestive wording. That basically means I tell sh/tty dirty jokes, but I don't actually write what I'm referencing.

Season 1: ✔
Season 2
201: X
202: X
203: X
204: X
205: X
Season 3
301: X
302: X
303: X
304: X
305: X
Something extra to note: I'd honestly hate to read this book on my phone because of the weird way it pasted the paragraphs. I copy and pasted links, and Wattpad doesn't f\ck with them. Or, at least, I don't know how to use them, but I digress.

Instructions to 'use' said links:
1. Highlight the link and just the links, not the brackets.
2. Click and drag it over to an open spot in your tabs.
3. There it is, it's the link I copy and pasted.

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