'Sacmis' (formerly 'Alien Abduction')

'Sacmis' (formerly 'Alien Abduction')

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Category: Science Fiction
Four women - a lawyer, a teacher, an athlete and a soldier - are abducted by four alien men.

The aliens, far from being bug-eyed monsters, have 90% human DNA.

Despite the circumstances, the women are fascinated by their captors. Particularly when they discover the men have taken time to learn everything about them: even down to filling the women's on-board wardrobes with their favourite labels! ("For an alien," says Amisha, "he certainly knows how to shop.")

They also discover that the men have the power to connect with them at a deeper level. So much so that the women can experience - directly - what it is like to be a man! With amazing consequences.

But danger threatens: not just the women, but mankind itself.

On the aliens' home planet of Sacmis, a genetic disorder has resulted in male births massively exceeding female births. So much so that most men can never hope to have a relationship with a woman.

Let alone sex.

To save the planet from extinction, Sacmis has prepared a fleet of slaveships to abduct compatible women from Earth in large numbers, to be used purely for breeding purposes.

Somehow, the four alien men and the four women have to stop them.

© Adriana Nicolas 2016

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