RWBY: Batman Begins

RWBY: Batman Begins

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Category: Mystery
Bruce Wayne watched his parents die as a child. After years of training, he returns to Vale, reunites with his childhood friend, Weiss Schnee, and begins a new life.

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Welcome to Earth

its was another normal day for Y/n as he went back to his house as he lives alone since his parents......passed and since he didn't have many friends in school he doesn't go out much but that all changes when he gets a knock at his door and a group of familiar people change his life forever#1 kalibelladonna August 25 2021#1 siennakhan November 21 2021#1 lieren November 30 2021#1 winterschnee January 11 2022
Red vs blue (female OC) season 10

Carolina is back and she has a grudge with the Director, she has Seek the help of the Reds and Blue to find Church to bring him out of the memory unit. We look more into Agent Rhode Islands past and what is the current relationship of Thea and the sister that she once thought died. What will Thea do when the find the Director? Will she go with Carolina and Church? Why did the Director want to find her in the first place. Read to find out.Red vs blue belongs to Rooster teethThea and Shawn belong to me.
Tainting The Innocent(Male Kid reader x Mother Cinder and Salem)

You were in the Forest when you accidentally attacked a woman in red.That's when your life changed forever.
RWBY||Rising Phoenix

|Slight RWBY AU | Fanfiction|Everyone knows that mercenaries fight for treasure. However, not all treasure is silver and gold. By personal invitation, Phoenix, the infamous mercenary with a sarcastic streak wider than a forest fire, joins Beacon and makes many allies within. However, a darkness is coming, a darkness that only his fire can burn.Can Phoenix discover the truth that lies within his past? Can he put aside common differences and burn the veil that covers the truth of the present? Or will all of the future be lost to the darkness?
Catch Me if You Can (Male Reader x Ruby Rose) RWBY

(Y/N) had never gone to any combat schools in all of Remnant. So why did Professor Ozpin take such an interest in the boy with no combat training?I own no images that I use in this story. If you want to use any of my characters, just ask and I'll most likely say yes.
Azur Lane: The Hotshot Pilot Turned Commander

Not related to Symphony of the Heart.Lt. Cdr. Wilfredo "Maverick" Fernandez is a hotshot Top Gun fighter pilot with a reckless personality.He always has a knack for flying his F-18E at breakneck speeds. Put in hack three times. Has a history of high speed passes over five air traffic control towers. And three admirals' daughters.Having enough of his shenanigans. His commanding officer decided to ground him even though he is the one of best pilots on his strike group.Receiving complaints from the ship girls about the commanders that had been previously assigned to Azur Lane are either sadistic perverts or lolicons. The top navy officials formally sent the order to all carrier strike groups to recommend personnel whom they feel are qualified to be the base commander. Thinking that this could be a golden opportunity to make Maverick mellow down on his need for speed. Admiral William J. Johnson recommends the reckless pilot to be reassigned as the new base commander of Azur Lane.The hotshot pilot questions the decision to make him a base commander. That is until he meets the ship girl who's like him. A girl who is named after the most decorated warship in history of naval warfare. Will he stay as long as the base commander? Or will he ask to be reassign back to his carrier strike group? Find out in "Azur Lane: The Hotshot Pilot Turned Commander".

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Float is now published as a Wattpad Book! As a Wattpad reader, you can access the the Original Edition for free and the Books Edition upon purchase.In order to fit in during her summer visit to a beachside town, Waverly must take swimming lessons from Blake, the moody (but gorgeous) lifeguard next door. ***** Seventeen-year-old Waverly Lyons is from Alaska. She doesn't do sun. But after her divorced parents can't agree on who gets to have her for the summer, Waverly gets shipped off to Holden, Florida, to spend a couple months with her aunt, Rachel. There's one minor hiccup: Blake Hamilton, Rachel's seventeen-year-old neighbor. He's athletic, outgoing, arrogant, tan, and pretty much Waverly's exact opposite. She's eager to avoid him at all costs, hoping to fit in with the other kids in Holden without drawing too much attention to herself. But when Blake discovers that Waverly has been hiding the rather embarrassing secret that she can't swim, he does the unthinkable: He offers to teach her.[[word count: 100,000-150,000 words]]

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Love comes in all shapes and forms, but Kelly Young had no idea it'd come in the form of her most hated teacher, Mr. Todd.β€’A Student x Teacher Romance.#1- Teen Fiction (30/04/2021)#3- teenfiction (03/11/2021#5- Romance (02/04/2021)#1- studentteacherromance (10/03/2020)#1- agegap (11/13/2020)#1- feelings (01/26/2021)#1- teacher (02/28/2021)#1- student (02/28/2021)#1- teenromance (04/13/2021)#2- forbidden (12/23/2020)#5- teen romance (12/23/2020)#55- love (27/02/2022)#41- love (8/4/2022)#52- love (8/4/2022)STARTED: October 2, 2020ENDED: April 17, 2021

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The start of 4 best friends starting a media empire together, inspired by their childhood icons. BRATZ

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