run it up(Not Your Typical Hood Love Story)

run it up(Not Your Typical Hood Love Story)

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(hood love story)not your typical hood love story this book is about when a queen saves a king 17 year old diamond aka dime is every guys dream she's beautiful standing at 5,0 with pretty darkskin light brown eyes and long beautiful healthy hair with a very petite body.enough top and bottom to share shes definetly not missing from the top or bottom and she's a smart intelligent girl who keeps her head in the books and the books only and doesn't let the fact her living in the hungry and ghetto streets of Bronx newyork stop her from her dreams and goals diamond has it installed in her mind that no man can ever come into her heart because school is her heart her one and only way out of the ghetto her only focus. that is until an unexpected night happens in her life that has her in the arms of marquise brooks also known as trigga. trigga 24 years old and what most girls call fine he's darkskin 6,1 pretty slanted brown chesnut color eyes full pink lips with a head full of hair that he keeps in a ponytail and a goatee he's smart but he is street smart more than anything trigga lives for the streets the streets will always be his home till the day he dies the street will probably be the thing that take his life trigga is always trigga finger happy part of the reason why he earned his name in the streets that is until one night everything turns black.

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‼️история не закончена.‼️ли феликс гонялся за хван хеджином, но тот не сдержался, и просто перестал обращать внимание. но хван хенджин понял какую ошибку он совершил, и они признались друг другу.краткое описание : неизвестный парень хенджину стоял на улице, рядом с ларьком. так они и познакомились.парня звали феликс.феликс держал все чувства в себе, но скоро уже смог рассказать, как его били, обзывали, и поэтому он переехал сюда.хенджин понял его, и поддержал.у феликса появились чувства к хенджину.хенджин долго обдумывал решение, и наконец сказал:- давай перестанем общаться?..после этого события пошли в раскрутку..

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