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Was born by a ghost king and a god who become the three realms laughingstock wasn't make him shame at all but he's so grateful to be born even because of an careless accident.

"Bow down to you? Bow? To a mere mortal like you? Dream on. You don't have the right to call me rats, son of a servant or even slut because you place is right under my feets. You're the one who should bow down to me, I'm the one who you worship in Yunmeng Jiang! I'm the son of Crimson Rain Sought Flower and His Highness Who Pleased the Gods. You're the one who need to bow down to me! I'm a god myself and I'm the Prince of the three realm! "

*I'm not a fans of Jiang so I'm warning all Jiangs fans who want to read my story..

*All of the thing happened here is my imagination and none of them are canon. The character here are from the Tian Guan Ci fu and Mo Dao Zu Shi.

*Some of Tian Guan Ci fu event are from the og novel I just edit it

*I don't really follow their time line so if you're thinking that I'm making mistake on the timeline then actually i really make the time like that.

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Mdzs watching the Grandmaster of demonic cultivation

A year after the event at Guanyin temple the whole cultivation world wakes up in an unfamiliar place, and sees the people that are supposed to be dead."The Grandmaster of demonic cultivation""Great news! Wei Wuxian has died""What? I'm right here!" Wei Wuxian said.This is my first fanfiction story, because I read a lot of stories like this but they are all unfinished so it kept bugging me , so I hope I finished this story.And I will warn you for the GRAMMATICAL ERRORS ahead since English is not my first language so please bare with it.๐ŸฅบThe flow of this story will be based on the novel of Mo Dao Zu Shi by Mo Xiang Tong Xiu.
Founder of the Wei Dynasty (Hiatus & slow updates)

What happens before the indoctrination at Qishan Wen the emperor of the country went to Yunmeng Jiang Lotus pier to see and talk to Wei Wuxian as he discovers his lineage, hidden family secrets, background. His life has now completely change as he learns how to rule a kingdom, deal with corrupt officials and relatives, discover ancient or hidden techniques, and help the economy. At the same time deal with the rise of Qishan Wen as they try to rule over the cultivating world or maybe take over the kingdom while still being oblivious to a certain second's jade's feelings.
The Scarlet Sunset

Fanfiction of Wei Wuxian as he embarks on the journey of life as the original MDZS book. But WAIT, He has a secret identity?! He is the son of Flower Crown Martial God and Crimson Rain Sought Flower!?For anyone who opened this book without knowing anything, this is a sequel to the book "Wei Ying adopted by Hualian" which is a story about a seven-year-old Wei Ying getting adopted by Hua Cheng and Xie Lian.It's gon be confusing if you are to start without having it read first, so go check that out. You can find the story in my profile in my works. I recommend it. It's good! *cough, This is not advertising.Now then, if you have checked that out, shall we continue?
Once upon a lifetime

The second he awakens, Wei Wuxian realises that he has been sent to the past, but at what cost? How will he prevent the Sunshot Campaign and make sure none of his loved ones die? And... why is Lan Wangji so different than what he remembered?Or: Wei Wuxian somehow finds himself back in the past and causes trouble along the way.(This work is being rewritten and reposted!)-Art is not mine.
Hua Wuxian

Question- has anyone seen The Movie ๐ŸŽฌ "Finding Dory"? ๐Ÿ‘€Well for those who have you'll know that this fanfic is NOT based off the movie. but there are quite a few references.I honestly don't know how else to explain this Story. So I guess you will just have to read to find out ๐Ÿ™‚Sorry for any grammar mistakes, the cover picture does not belong to me credits to the owner, enjoy. ;)
The Little Ghost Of The Burial Mounds

The burial mounds have finally made their decision and that decision was to travel to the past and find their protected, their a-ying, when he was still a child who lived on the streets.They would convince him to go with them and they will take him inside them, the burial mounds, so that they will be able to protect him and will be able to prevent those fair, righteous cultivators from harming their a-ying again.For that they had to find a way to take care of him, so they had the idea of taking a human form, not in the most conventional way, but that would do. But even if the last of their plan came out as they expected, what they didn't expect is that, when they traveled to the past with the fragmented soul and something broken of their A-ying, even if they tried to take as many pieces that they could take and hide from the whole world, they did not expect the child to remember what he lived in that other life. Even though the child did not understand it very well since his soul was so damaged at that time and fragments of memories of his soul was so mess up that it cause their A-ying a lot of pain. So now the burial mounds are not only going to have to take care of A-ying, but also help him to heal the wounds from his previous life.
Wei Ying x Lan Zhan Time Travel (UNDER MAJOR REVISION)

what if....just what if Wei ying and Lan zhan time traveled back when they were just kids...but instead of Jiang Fengmian someone has found Wei ying first?And that someone are the Ghost King Crimson Rain Sought Flower Hua Cheng and Flower Crown Martial God Taizi Dianxia- Xie Lian....what will be the future of wei ying?The character are not mine and it belongs to MDZS and TGCF and the main plot this is only may fanfiction I hope you will support and love it...

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the truth ( joker fan fiction )

this is a joker fan fiction. you like action, bad humour and Joker? this is definitely the story for you. the main character is a girl, and she works for the joker. But Joker doesn't know she is a girl! And he defiantly doesn't know about her double life. But wait, is it new sudden love I see, or is it just the blood dripping? read to find out what happens.***done***Oh, and if you know me ( the author) I suggest that you don't read this... I mean it mum, the his is not a story you will like.~~~Most common comment goes along the lines of "not to hate, but" and "WHAT WAS THAT ENDING?!?!?"VIEWER DISCRETION IS ADVISEDMf, I wrote this when I was 14-15, and I cannot be bothered to come back and fix it now at 22 (2021)

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