Royally Flushed

Royally Flushed

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Category: Teen Fiction
When a broken Malia meets playboy Prince Louis at boarding school, past secrets emerge and a dangerous threat against the monarchy arises, but as they grow closer will their bond survive or will it be destroyed in the plot against the reigning family?


Malia Spencer jumps at the chance to get away from her evil stepfather after her mother's death and finds herself situated at a nice prep school for the exorbitantly rich and famous in England after her aunt on her mother's side rescues her from America.

Little did she know, though, that she was among royalty.

Enter Prince Louis: the sexy and enigmatic bad boy player of Wilmington Prep that stumbles into her life without warning, opening her mind to his sarcastic remarks and smart ass ways. She realizes that he's someone she will have to endure if it means staying in England and as far away from her step father as possible.

But what happens when the complexities of his royal life interfere into her own, digging into her past and the tragedies that accompany it?

Will she be able to pick up the pieces of her heart or will it forever be royally flushed?

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