Rosa and the Graven Kings - A Spiritual Warfare Novella

Rosa and the Graven Kings - A Spiritual Warfare Novella

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Category: Adventure
She's great at spinning yarn. Her parents are Christians. But she's also unforgiven. Or is she? Rosa doesn't think God will forgive her, not when she's done the wickedest thing on the planet. She abandoned what her parents taught her, and now her life is riddled with hopelessness. But a weird prophetess from the land of Pootin' tells her there is hope in a mysterious box . . . if she's willing to cross a gulch to find it.

Rosa goes on a daring adventure, but a strange man named Emmett claims God will forgive her. Why should she trust him when he admitted to murdering someone? That's not the only strange thing. Rosa's food is mysteriously eaten from her backpack, a tumbleweed turns into a black figure, and she's surrounded by horseback ghosts trying to claim her soul. The Graven Kings.

The Bible said God would forgive her, but she still has painful feelings in her tummy. And when everything she worked for turns into shams, her only hope is to believe God's mercy or die by the Graven Kings.

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