Rise of the Dead

Rise of the Dead

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Category: Horror
We don't choose to die, we're designed too.

It was just never the creator's plan for the dead to rise again.

Zombies were the characters in our nightmares, the actors in our films and the taboo we'd all secretly admired. Never did we imagine they'd become our reality. Now every day is a battle for survival, a fight against the dead that seems to be creeping ever closer.

We don't choose to die.

We're designed too.


This story follows a small group of teens in a race for survival against the infected, with death, disease and the unshakable feeling that they're being stalked- life just got a whole lot harder.

Highest ranking: #9 in Horror
Wattpad Featured Story: 23/10/2017
Wattpad Zombies Gut Wrenchers: 12/12/2020

Winner of The Contemporary Reads Awards: Best Zombie Book and The Champion's Award

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