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Rachel Tempest:The True Hero

It was the Final Battle. Rimuru Vs Ivaraje the winner will decide the Fate of the World however in the end Rimuru has been defeated... and when he just about to give up, Ciel make a proposal. It was to reincarnate Rimuru to the past again however as a Human?Read how will Rachel achieve her goals as a Human and becoming a hero.Note: There will be two Rimuru in this fanfic so the one from the future will be called Rachel in this timeline.The sources that I will be using is both from WN and LN.Disclaimer: Tensura is not mine this is merely a Fanfiction.
That Time I Got Reencarnated as a Demon Lord (English)

We all know the story of how Satoru Mikami, the 37-year-old salaryman, died and was reincarnated in another world where he became the most powerful slime in slime history. But... what if he were a little younger.In this fic we will see the story of a high school student Satoru Mikami, aged 17, who while returning home with his best friend ends up being stabbed by a robber. In the moment before he dies, Satoru hears a voice carcastically answering his every word and... well, then you can imagine what happens.What will the journey of Rimuru, the most powerful slime, be like now that his age, experiences and priorities, as well as his sense of right and wrong, are so different?
Singularity (Rimuru x Arifureta)

If you hear the word reincarnation nowadays, it is usually an untrue fairy tale of being transported into a new world and overcoming the greatest evil to bring about a glorious peace. Yet that unrealistic scenery gets pummeled by the extent of reality. A world too cruel where strength was all that mattered and moral principles were unimportant. The life of the weak is as cheap as dirt. Everyone has died. The same goes for me.Yet again, the raging rides of fate shifted me into a new world once more. So... peculiar. Absurd. Cruel, even. The curse of immortality, stripped of the right to rest. Maybe I just have that lingering desire to live despite it all. Destruction shall befall those who gets in my way. Permissiveness I shall embrace. Nonintervention to those who knows their place. A new reality's beginning... heralded by life and death.
The first True Dragon

This is a female rimuru of story where rimuru was born as a true dragon. She is the oldest and strongest of the true dragons and the big sister of Veldenava.One day she had to leave her brother and sister to go into hibernation but accidentally slept for a bit too long. When she wakes up, she finds that her brother had died and that her sister Velzard had to take the burden of raising the other two by herself.What will she do now that she is back ?Female rimuru OC
Rimuru Meet His ParallelSelf

I am new to these stuff Bad grammer and inspired from otherCharacter are from tensura not mine
The Two Dragonoid

Veldanava have another child and that is our lovable RimuruI'll be honest, I just wanted to see Milim and Rimuru have funMoreover I don't think I've seen something like this/Rimuru as Veldanava's childThere will be many big to small changes but the storyline will still 'quite' the same=-=-=-=-=I know there's many wrong things in this story therefore I created a remake where I think it's betterBut of course you're the judge so please read this one first and check out the remake later and tell me what you think
The Star Witch: Card User of Heroes

A soul has been reincarnated into a world full of demons and angels, but she will have a power from another world. The power of the Class Cards from the world of Fate.
The Youngest True dragon(On Hiatus)

Before Veldanava died he created the fifth true dragon that will inherit his goal and dreams as well as some of his powers.With the last of his powers he named the dragon Rimuru.So is the birth and rise of the youngest and strongest true dragon......So story is about (fem)rimuru's adventures and shinanigans story includes Yuri

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When the quiet girl in Clayton Hugh's chemistry class comes knocking on his door at five in the morning barely covered up in her little pajamas, inattentive, and drooling like crazy, he has no choice but to take her inside. But once Lucy Walker wakes up inside a room she has never seen before wearing an over-sized t-shirt and gym shorts, you can imagine the pure panic setting in her. The subtle addition of Clayton entering the room shirtless doesn't help much either. After three years of fawning over him, leave it up to her sleepwalking to finally get Clayton Hugh to notice her.

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Bad Boy Roommate  ✔︎✔︎

after a prank gone terribly wrong, hayden jones is sent across country to caldwell academy, a school for the bitchy, the dangerous and the rebellious.and if that wasn't bad enough, it becomes much worse when hayden is accidentally put in the male dormitory, landing her in a room with the school's notorious heartbreaker, chase everett.[not at all]

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My Brother's Best Friend

Completed.Emily Winston has returned back home after spending a year in London. She comes home to her shared apartment with her twin brother, Emmett, to find that Emmett has offered his best friend, Parker Adams, a room in their apartment. Parker & Emily struggle to get along, including daily squabbles and constant insults. How will Emily survive living with Parker Adams? *This book deals with issues such as Anorexia and self-harm. -Cover created by: TahliePurvis

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Self-Love  [Teenfiction Romance]

Typical teenager Joanna Gore Alex is less than thrilled to be the new girl in a new school.During her first day, she quickly learns teachers obviously favor the popular students and her classmates have no interest in being nice. Just when Joanna believes the day couldn't get any worse, she has a slightly embarrassing and awkward altercation with one of the hottest guys at school.But as the school days pass by, Joanna forms friendships with some unexpected classmates and discovers exactly how strong she can be against the school's mean girl.When Joanna is drawn to one of her brother's new friends, Frank, she feels like she's known him forever. Even his full name - Francis James - sounds familiar to her for some reason.Joanna quickly learns life isn't all about handing assignments in on time (although it is important), she discovers the meaning of friendship, family, heartache, and most of all, love.#TopPicks Wattpad list under YoungAdult on 20th September 2021 #TopPicks Wattpad list under Friendship on 15th August 2021#Published on Amazon in April 2022

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Micah King | ✓

"you shouldn't forgive the devil so easily"

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Entwined is now published as a Wattpad Book! As a Wattpad reader, you can access both the Original Edition and Books Edition upon purchase.On her eighteenth birthday, Avery Montgomery will discover who the Greek gods have chosen as her soulmate. But what if it's not the boy she's fallen in love with? *****Seventeen-year-old Avery Montgomery doesn't want a soulmate, but she doesn't get a choice. As a descendant of a minor Greek goddess, it's her destiny to meet her other half after her eighteenth birthday and hear his thoughts inside her head -- just as it's the destiny of everyone else like her, born as part of an Ancient Greek race known as the Hellenicus. But Avery has never had a romantic bone in her body, and while there's a chance her soulmate might be Carlos, her dreamy new crush, or Adrian, her long-time childhood crush, there's also a, her soulmate couldn't possibly be her best friend's annoying older brother Vladimir. Right?Content/Trigger Warning: self-harm, violence against children[[People Choice Awards 2019 Winner for Best Teen Fiction]][[The Wattys 2018, Longlist]]

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Texting Him. | COMPLETED ✔️

❝what was your first clue?❞ * Copyright © 2017-#1 under the tag 'dialogue' 22/11/18

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Bad Boy Kisses

Emilie Grey found her boyfriend Conner Hanglinton cheating on her after two years of dating. She's crushed but of course with the help of her crazy best friend she is going to move on. To bad, she didn't know just exactly how her best friend was going to help her until it was to late. Now she has the school's bad-ass not leaving her alone and even crazier than that are his bad boy kisses....

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The Boy Who Didn't Love

A story in which a girl falls in love with a sociopath.Highest rank: #1 in Teen Fiction [July 29, 2022], #1 in Humor [January 3, 2023], #12 in New Adult [January 23, 2023], #26 in Romance [January 26, 2023].

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