Remi and the Elzorians

Remi and the Elzorians

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Category: Science Fiction
Way deep into space, in another galaxy there is a planet where, what some would call, aliens live on. Living there is like living in the perfect future that Earth would never have. Elzoria is the name of that planet where beautiful creatures call Elzorians live. Closely observing the Elzorians, there are no such thing as males. We have the Elzors and the Elzars. Pretty much the same, looks like a female with color skin tone and a nicely shaped tail. Only difference between the two is that Elzors has male genitals. What if Earth soon knows about the Elzorians and there high powerful technology?

Remi a young Elzorian had crashed into Earth from an unknown cause. Within moments of the crash, military officers and scientists was all over the well sized space ship. Not knowing what the beautiful red skin tone child was, she became a experiment until she was adopted by one of the well now scientists Nichole and Nikki Underwood.

What will become of Remi's life?

*cover credit isn't mine*

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