Remember Her? (an II au)

Remember Her? (an II au)

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Category: Mystery
What makes a person lose their mind? Why does history repeat itself so maliciously?

History repeats itself, tragedies included... But what if, when history repeated, it was worse? 9 years ago, she saved defeated a tyrant, but sacrificed herself in the process. Her friends haven't seen her since. She was presumed dead... But what if her friends could see her again? What if she was still alive somewhere, and never truly dead after all? But what if the tyrant, who SHOULD have been dead, was alive too? Would the heroes get their revenge? Or will he take over, once and for all?

Story and art by me
Inanimate Insanity by Animationepic

BEGAN: October 25th, 2022
ENDED: January 16th, 2023

#5 in "paintbrush" - 12/11/22
#1 in "cobs" - 12/11/22
#15 in "bfb" - 12/13/22

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