Rejected (Werewolf Levi x Witch Reader Soulmate AU)

Rejected (Werewolf Levi x Witch Reader Soulmate AU)

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Every werewolf has a soulmate, chosen for them at birth. Levi hasn't met his yet, and at twenty-eight years old, he's starting to think that he might never find her. However, he tries not to let it get to him, as he has other important matters to worry about. Levi is the pack's Beta - second in command only to the Alpha. It is his job to protect the pack, and with the threat of Rogue werewolves on the horizon, his duty has never been more essential. Yet, in the midst of all that darkness, there is hope. After many long years of waiting, Levi finally stumbles upon his mate. But what happens when she is something he can never have, when Levi is forced to choose between abandoning the pack...and rejecting her?

"Rejected" was inspired by a story of the same name written by hugs_for_hippies. I would highly encourage everyone to check it out. It's quite intriguing, and I hope that the author finishes it someday.

Glossary of Terms:
Alpha - the leader of a werewolf pack
Beta - the second-in-command of a werewolf pack
Gamma - the third-in-command of a werewolf pack
Rogues - werewolves who have left their packs to live a solitary lifestyle
Familiar - a supernatural entity (usually in the form of a cat or bird) that assists a witch

(F/n) - first name
(L/n) - last name
(C/n) - cat's name
(E/c) - eye color
(S/c) - skin color

((Please do NOT copy or repost any part of this book.))

*Disclaimer: I do not own anything pertaining to "Attack on Titan". This story is for entertainment purposes only.
**Some mild cursing.
***Fluff / lime.

((If I have used your artwork and you would like it taken down, please send me a message.))

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