Rejected Revenge

Rejected Revenge

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Category: Werewolf
Training to become an elite warrior after her soulmate brutally rejects her, Violet Caldwell meets the king of all wolves-and joins him in his quest for justice on the brink of a surging war.


Violet Caldwell was adopted, and the secrets behind her birth family rise as she leaves her community of werewolves behind to train to become an elite warrior and discover the secrets they left behind-but it is only when she meets the king of all wolves, Julian Andonov, and feels an inexplicable connection with him that she realizes her past might just hold the key to the rising war that's threatening to tear down the ancient monarchy forever.

Trigger Warning: some explicit language and sexual content, instance of unwanted sexual advances.

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Whenever I read books or watch some movies or tv shows, I always say that the MC should have done it differently then whatever they faced would've end better for them. However, that's only my opinion. Stories, mangas and fics these days always featured reincarnation stories and Self-insert to a fantasy or fictional world. I never thought that when I died, it will also happen to me. I died and then reincarnated. In all the worlds that I came through, I was reborn to Vampire Diaries. Drama, tragedy, violence and danger, here I come. I'm ready!! NOT!!!DISCLAIMER: I don't own the characters of TVD or TO. Only the OCBonnie and the plot revision is my idea. The plot is different than canon and plenty of criticism to the series will be involved. If you're fond of the canon then don't read. Also, I wrote this with the help of ChatGPT AI for the grammar corrections because I don't have a betareader.
Love To Hate You (EDITING)

|||2021 WATTYS SHORTLIST|||"We're lost souls finding peace in each other"-Willow Edwards is about to turn her life upside down with a move to Colorado, convinced she needs a fresh start (even if it might not be necessary). She's the kind of determined girl who seems to attract trouble like a magnet. But just as she's getting used to her new surroundings, in strides Sargent Hills, the ultimate troublemaker, the resident jerk, and her sworn nemesis - that's the title she's given him. He sweeps into her world like a storm, turning everything into absolute chaos.Sargent Hills is the embodiment of every girl's fantasy and the epitome of every guy's jealousy. He's the school's golden boy, swimming in wealth thanks to his family's ownership of the school. He's stubborn, a master of causing mischief, and some people might even label him a rude snob. But behind every smile, there's darkness hiding deep inside.What could possibly happen between a stubborn girl who always ends up in trouble and a stubborn troublemaker who doesn't know when to stop?━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━Highest ranking: #1 in lovehate 19/1/22#1 in enemies-to-lovers 10/6/21 - 2/5/22#5 in hate 4/8/21#1 in mentalhealth 11/5/22#3 in ya 20/8/21#2 in sad 11/5/21#20 in abuse 9/11/21 #1 in thewattys2021 23/3/22#3 in bullied 29/11/21#1 in willow 22/12/21#6 in enemiestolovers 16/2/22#10 in highschool 27/4/22#5 in drama 11/5/22

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