Rejected Princess

Rejected Princess

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Category: Werewolf
Davina's soulmate rejects her, but he has no idea she is his future queen.

Davina Andonov is a werewolf, but she is also an Oracle-blessed by the Moon Goddess to see the future, and has been kept under lock and key her entire life in her family's castle, but when her parents decide it's time for her to find her mate to help her rule, she finds her soulmate-and he brutally rejects her. Torn between her heartache and her duty to the throne, Davina uncovers damaging secrets of the past, and Davina's gifts of sight wreak havoc on the kingdom that will have repercussions for the future of her rule, however long-or short-may she reign.

***Sequel to Rejected Revenge
***Can be read as stand alone novel

Trigger Warnings: mild language, mild sexual content.

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