Reincarnation of Villainess Noble Lady (Ch. 143-299)

Reincarnation of Villainess Noble Lady (Ch. 143-299)

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Five-year old Kishouin Reika discovers she has memories of her past life! Always pondering why her own name sounded so familiar to her when she was reborn, Reika finally remembers on her first day of elementary school! [Suiran Elementary School], the school, and her name were from a series called [You Are My Dolce].

It was a extremely popular Shoujo series in her past life, to the point where it was even made into a live action drama! The series starts out when the protagonist, a commoner girl enrolls as a special student into the prestigious [ Suiran Private High School ], where only the children of wealthy families attend.

The commoner girl falls in love with the most popular boy in the school known as The Emperor, and becomes the target of severe bullying around the school, and the culprit of the malicious bullying was the character [Kishouin Reika], who served as the main antagonist of the series.

[Kishouin Reika], in the series is the typical archetype of a rich girl antagonist. She was spoiled, vain, malicious and lacking remorse!

By the end of the series [Kishouin Reika] gets her 'just desserts' when
The Emperor cancels the forced engagement she had with him by declaring his love for the protagonist as well as seizing all of the Kishouin Company stocks, and exposing her father's illegalities and corruption.

To her woe, Reika finds she had been reborn as that [Kishouin Reika]! Disillusioned and terrified by her inevitable demise, Reika swears to become the most unassuming, polite, and agreeable girl anyone could ever meet.

Find out Reika's adventures as she tries to prevent her fall!

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