Reincarnated as the Villain's Butler

Reincarnated as the Villain's Butler

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Category: Romance
He was reincarnated into a stereotypical shoujo manga with magic and fantastical creatures- not as any of the main cast, but the villain's butler, a kindhearted but loyal to a fault beastkin who fought to his death to let his abusive master escape- a mere narrative tool to make the villain seem even crueler.

Unlike the original, however, he was not kind, nor was he loyal. He is not above killing, stealing, and lying- and he did not care if he was despised. To avoid a meaningless, pitiful death, he would even scheme his way to escape fate.

Upon meeting the young villain, however, there was a change of plans. In this second life of his, he'll bet everything on the villain, and fulfill what the original couldn't- he will help the villain find the happiness that was so cruelly taken from him- no matter what it takes.

(Now crossposted on Ao3 under the same name)

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