Reborn In The Last Days

Reborn In The Last Days

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Category: Romance
After living at the end of the world for 6 years, Elaine Carter finally found out about her kind and caring sister and her loving Fiancé's true face. It turned out that the space ability of her sister is a jade artefact that she gave to her sister, which became her sister's opportunity to live a good life in the cruel apocalypse.

After having no use for them, she was finally thrown into a horde of zombies. Hearing the sound of her flesh and bone being eaten......

After again opening her eyes, she found that she was back 2 years before the end of the world!!

This time she would no longer be so stupid and if they dared to provoke her again then watch what she does. This time, whoever offended her would not have a good ending.

Hoarding plot is going to be quite long.

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