Reborn in the 1970s, the educated youth who went to the countryside had space

Reborn in the 1970s, the educated youth who went to the countryside had space

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Category: General Fiction
Author: Ran Ran An
Type: Time Travel Rebirth
Status: Completed

Because her parents divorced, An Ran lived with her grandmother since she was a child. She accidentally found a space in the jade bracelet left by her grandmother. Then she had an idea and thought that the space in the novel was either about time travel or the end of the world. Then An Ran decisively started to buy, buy, buy, and hoard. Sure enough, the novel was not read in vain.......

• This is purely MTL novel { this is not edited, so there will be grammatical errors, incorrect pronouns or words so please read it with caution}
• I do not own the story nor the cover.
• For Offline Purpose Only so please do not report or vote, Just Read. Thank you

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