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TFP Autobot Parent Scenarios

Ever wonder what it would be like to be the adopted sparkling of one of the TFP Autobots? Well look no further, because in this book you'll fine out! I do NOT own the Transformers, any of the characters or any of the artwork in this book!
Helgaust Returns.

Long Ago Time in Galaxy........ During the time of the Old Republic and the Sith Empire, one was in the middle. The Helghan Administration was a company that traded highly advanced technology and knows for its outstanding shipyard and ship designs. Rebuplic and Sith wanted them on thier side but declined the offer and remained neutral. However, as time has passed, both are still fighting each other Helghan is gaining more power and influence through economic and monopoly. The Republic was worried that the company gaining more power might be over through them sanctions hoping to teach them a lesson, but that did nothing but agitate them; the company froze all accounts affecting the Republic and the Sith Empire. Both warn the company if they don't release thier account, there will be an all-out war Helghan doesn't take this well and lead a surprise attack on the Republic and Empire. They never imagined the horrors might force the company to kill many troops, destroy hundreds of ships, and occupy many planets, and this event kick-started the Mandalorian Wars.Both join together and defeat the company; the Empire did not punish them but gives them respect; the Republic is another story since the company is at the border, they have the right as they dismantled the company, took all the shipyards, everything including money leave Helgan colonist poverty, the people were oppressed, torn, robed, and banished.Helgan colonists vanish into the Unkown Region and Wild Space.........The Republic created the ISA core to hunt down and prevent the uprising of Helgan................ Soon after the Sith and Empire fell, the Helgan insurgents were lost in history as if it were a dream or myth............. They never appear again..........................................................................................................................................Until Now.
Rewriting the Strings of Fate [Mahabharat]

Arshia.A 21 year old in Kaliyug.Travels back in time to save the world and establish Dharma.She travels back to Dwapara Yug.{The Mahabharat}
Female x Male Reader One Shots

Romantic short stories involving female characters from various franchises and the male reader.
Breaking His Walls

Arina Khan, a 20 years old Muslimah in her 2nd year of English literature, striving to become a better Muslimah,living in the Bustling New York City and the only daughter of the Khan household. For her, family is the top priority she can do anything for them even marry a guy she never met or have seen.She is the lucky or maybe not so lucky girl chosen to make Adam a better Muslim. Adam Zeewad, a 22 years old ruthless, arrogant and handsome Billionaire and one of the hottest businessman who have thousands of girls head over heels for him and the most eligible bachelor of New York City and not to forget a Muslim only by name. He loathes the idea of girls and marriages. What happens when both their world's collide and they are tied in the knot of marriage? Will Arina be able to break his walls and make him a better Muslim? Will it be possible for her to make her own husband fall in Love with her, the husband who treats her like dirt and always ignores her?Book cover by: @AuroraBorealis9 Hit read to find out!!!
[Quick travel] The host is OOC again

This book is also known as "Quick Transmigration: There's Always Big Bosses Coveting Me" [Tender-tempered and soft milk bag shou VS sick and idiotic guy dedicated to attacking] [Sweet text abuses scum, Shuangjie 1V1] Gu Zhu was killed in a car accident just after entering university. Unexpectedly, a system was bound, saying that after completing the task, you can live again, and then things were a bit unexpected. The paranoid emperor who ruled the world, grabbed his delicate ankle with one hand, and squeezed the cold shackles with the other: "My dear, don't run away or your legs will be broken!" The reserved and elegant ancestor blood showed sharp fangs and licked his slender "Baby, your blood smells really good." The domineering and powerful lightning-type power user pinched his flexible waist, and said in a dangerous and reckless tone, "Since it has fallen into my hands, don't even think about running away. "The disabled general of the empire stroked his beautiful fishtail, pampering him affectionately: "Hey, I'll give you whatever you want, just a little, and don't leave me."... The last and the last... Gu Zhu is like frying salted fish Being tossed and turned by the man, she shed tears of happiness
The Alpha's Contract Luna

Blurb:Out of all the women in the land of Taplean, the King chose Alexia Reed to be the wife of a ruthless Alpha, Kieran Stone. The union was forced upon them and it angered Alpha Kieran. He made it a point to show Alexia his hate.When Alexia met the formidable Alpha, he spitefully said, "I am under no obligation to treat you as my wife!""I will never mark you!""You will not sit with me, eat with me, nor share the air I breathe.""Lastly, I will never love you and bed you at night!"***As time passed, one day, Alpha Kieran amended the terms of their contract. He said to Alexia, "I realize how I was unfair to you.""You can now sit with me, eat with me and share the same space with me.""Lastly, as you see fit, I can... make love to you."

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SasuNaru One Shots

A bunch of Sasunaru one shots I hope you guys like it there's fluff (A lot), angst, lemon. I'm a big fan of Sasunaru. There's modern, and the original 'Naruto' Open to requests! All are welcome except Rape, sexual abuse, abuse, mental abuse, racism and more along the lines of those.Credit goes to whoever made the cover photo!I do not own any of Naruto characters, I do own the story plots in this story. Do not post this story without credits or use my storyline's without my permission either.

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Don't Leave... Please (TBJZL FF) [COMPLETED]

Tami is the shy nerd in school who gets bullied She has that to deal with but also her abusive father at home She lost her mum at the age of 10 in a car accident, her dad never remarried but he did date and sleep around a lot What happens when there are seven new students? The new students are YouTubers and in a group called the Sidemen What happens when they take interest in Tami and want to help? But what happens when one of them falls head over heels for her? Find out in 'Don't Leave... Please'

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[CV] [Diệp Kiều] Ánh Sáng Nhạt

[Convert] [DiệpKiều] Ánh sáng nhạtTác giả: 晓城九夜Link tác giả:

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Kuki Shinobu X Shikanoin Heizou (Modern AU) Book 2

Book 2Kuki Shinobu a young girl who worked as a shrine maiden and she hated it so she ran from home as she couldn't take it anymore. While on the run she met a boy who helped her escape, but she never got to know who that boy was she was thankful that he helped her. After a while, she joined a gang and joined a school.The gang was a bunch of mischievous people who were getting caught in the police's hands. Kuki always had to bail them out of it.There are different types of gangs around some are dangerous and some may not be but are just for trouble.

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Not your Romeo and Juliet

"What is an adventure without a risk, my lady." He smiles."And you want your lady to do the dirty work?" I question with disgust."If you wish an adventure, quit being a lady. " He replies. What if Romeo and Juliet wasn't just an insta love story? What if it had a real beginning and perhaps a real end?"If loving you is a sin, I accept the punishment." He says with utter sincerity."And if losing you is the risk, I'll resist my affection." I reply.Meet Romeo Montague and Juliet Capulet,the children of two family who hate each other deep within their hearts. But unlike the original Shakespeare's version, this one has a plot twist.

170 20 14 Full
[BH] [ĐN To Railgun] Mạt thế chi ngã nhất trực tại

Thư danh: [ hắc cầm ] cuối thời chi ta một mựcTác giả: mãn thành chỗ trốngVăn ánVăn án nhất:Shirai Kuroko: tỷ tỷ đại nhân, bất luận thế nào, Kuroko đô hội thủ hộ ngươi, trở thành lực lượng của ngươi! Thì là ngươi ngực chưa từng có ta...Mikoto Misaka: Kuroko...Ngắn, đã xong xuôi, tại viết phiên ngoại, thỉnh an tâm dùng ănNội dung nhãn:Tìm tòi then chốt tự: diễn viên: Shirai Kuroko, Mikoto Misaka ┃ phối hợp diễn: tá thiên lệ tử, đầu mùa xuân sức lợi, nhân đế khắc ti ┃ cái khác: tỷ tỷ đại nhân, pháo tỷ, hắc cầm, mỗ khoa học siêu điện từ pháo

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The Fairy Godmother

A twist on the getting together of the OT6

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The Master of Fate

Escaping from Skyrim to Solstheim seemed as if it would be the perfect way to flee from the traumas of your past and start a new life. Though, this "new life" may not be quite what you were expecting as you discover something much larger than anything you could ever have anticipated.~~~~~(don't expect any of this to be canon. i'm too lazy to delve into lore)(cover art is by Tukilit on DeviantArt)

1.4K 26 33
Vampire Love Connection (FinnCeline) [COMPLETED]

When Finn and Flame Princess separate, what will that evil girl do to him and everyone he knows and dearly loves, and Marcy is one of them! Finn got hurt from his battle with Flame Princess. Luckily, Marcy was there when he was in danger, and she brought Finn to Princess Bubblegum. PB gave Finn the wrong potion, accidentally (or purpose)! Now, Finn is 18, and what will happen now? LEMON WARNING

48.2K 18 864