Rebirth: I Have Doomsday Supermarket

Rebirth: I Have Doomsday Supermarket

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Category: Science Fiction
How does it feel to be pushed into a pile of zombies by the closest and most trusted person?
The reborn Hua Mi said: The first priority of survival in the last days is to have enough supplies, stay away from the crowd and that white lotus, and survive until the end.
Rolling up your sleeves and preparing for a big fight, suddenly activate the supermarket space and cashier system? !
Tsk, what more struggle is there in life, you can win until the end by lying down!
But looking down at her growing belly, Hua Mi held milk powder in her left hand and a machete in her right.
Where did this baby come from? !
The plan was a bit different, the first priority of survival was the smooth birth of the cub, and being vigilant against the man who stared at her stomach all day long.
Man: Wife, why do I feel that you have been eating more and more fat recently? Looks like she's pregnant.
Huami: Not like...

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