Rebirth: Bringing Space to the Apocalypse

Rebirth: Bringing Space to the Apocalypse

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Category: Science Fiction

In Yang Qian's previous life, she put it nicely as an ordinary life, but in fact it was nothing more than a life of failure!

In this life, she was finally born rich and honorable, but unfortunately she is an illegitimate daughter who was left behind by her mistress who failed to succeed in her position. Well, this is not a problem, as long as you are rich.

But she has to accept the man that Sister Mao doesn't want? The promised rich and noble life, why Mao's company went bankrupt? Dear, stop playing, things like the end of the world are not fun at all!

Fortunately, the ability is in hand, and the space is also in hand. What, other people also have space, and the things they grow can be sold, and it turns out that the end of the world!

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လီးကိုအစိမ်းလိုက်လိုးထည့်လိုက်ပြီး နို့တွေကိုပယ်ပယ်နယ်နယ်ညှစ်ပစ်မှာအပြင်မှာလိုက်မလုပ်စေချင်ဘူး ငါကကံကောင်းလို့ ညီကိုတို့က ကံမကောင်းရင် ဒီနိုင်ငံရေးနဲ့ လည်အပြတ်ရှင်းခံနေရမယ်
Three Kisses ✔️

Without hesitation I crashed my lips to his. He was too surprised to kiss back at first, but he quickly recovered and snaked his arms around me. Now I was the one not responding due to shock.He didn't push me away? Just as the kiss was about to deepen, I pulled away from him and sprinted down the thankfully empty hallway.• • • • •Emma Burns and her two best friends have a tradition. Each year one girl takes a turn - the first person you bump into on the first day of school, you have to complete the three kisses with. Kiss #1 - No matter what, you kiss them then and there.Kiss #2 - Get them to kiss you.Kiss #3 - Tongue.COVER MADE BY @angelicapascoe check out her work she's amazing!!
Boot Camp

[Boot Camp is being adapted into a film by Wattpad WEBTOON Studios & Great Pacific Media, stay tuned for more updates.] It's the summer before college and for Whitney Carmichael, who often finds herself in the shadows of her athletic older sister, these next few months seem like her one chance to reinvent herself. With the trauma of gym class still fresh in her mind, the self-proclaimed "athletically challenged" Whitney enrolls in a five-week fitness boot camp. While the deadly workouts were expected, they're much worse in reality, but at least her alluring personal trainer, Axel, is determined to harness all of her hidden potential. It doesn't take long for Whitney to begin shedding some of her old thoughts and personality, until high school comes back to haunt her in the form her high school bully, Willow, and a group of catty teenage girls at camp who all have something out for her. With each week she battles her past demons and her deepening attraction to Axel, Whitney realizes this camp is the catalyst for many discoveries in her life - the most surprising of all being love.[Wattys 2015 Talk of the Town winner]
Her Coldhearted Husband

AAMIR SIKANDAR( age 29)He is a bussinessman who is known for his coldness, straightforwardness and ruthlessness in the bussiness world . what will happen when he marry a young innocent girl to protect her . PARISHAY KHAN ( age 18 )a young innocent girl , who hasnt faced the world . what happen when she has to live with a coldhearted stranger . -----------Aamir looked towards usama, and saw him on the flour .he was shot in the chest area .the shot which was meant for aamir . "Usama!" Aamir ran towards him and knelt down beside him . "Aa.. amir listen" usama stuttered "Usama, nothing will happen to you . Just keep your eyes open " aamir said while calling for help . Usama shooked his head ,"lis-ten ... my sis-ter .if some-thing ha..happens to me ....take care of her ."Aamir knew that usama had a sister , but no other relatives . "Give- her your name ..... she -wont be able ... to face the world al-one" usama said while holding aamir's hand . Aamir looked at him questioningly , he knew that usama's sister was young , but he didnt think she wont be able to face the world . " you - will understand , after meeting her" usama said and aamir promised to always be there for her .( Assalam ualaikum! Hope that you will like this story)
The untold story of the first wife

In ancient Times, we have heard about stories of kings who were in polygamous marriages. And certain movies have romanticised their life with second or last wife. But I feel they didn't exactly show the feelings and griefs of a first wife rather they were made villains. So I got a thought why don't I write a story by myself and write what I want to see and show that? So this is my first try in wattpad and tell me your views about the story.#1 in india#3 in Cheating#6 in heartbreak #8 in historicalfiction#7 in betrayal
His Redemption, Her Legacy

[A SEQUEL TO 'HIS UNDESIRABLE WIFE']"In my end is my beginning." -Mary, Queen of Scots ***Lady Saya Hayworth- A woman of great character and perseverance.Her death left behind broken hearts, pain and regret.Now, 16 years after her death, the lives of those left behind is on a move.Richard Seaborne, a man who is deemed disrespectful by the society is still on the path to redemption after realising the grave mistake he had committed.He is determined to implement the words that he had spoken to Saya Hayworth.In the way, he encounters the beautiful Minerva Drake, a woman wronged by a powerful man.Together, they embark on a journey of redemption, love and sacrifices. ~~~~~~~Brandon Hayworth - the heir to the Hayworth Estate and the twin brother of Maya Hayworth.The two are the legacy left behind by Lady Saya Hayworth.Both have more of their Mother than their father in their personalities.Lord Geoffrey Berkeley -the man who had his heart broken, lives with the hope of meeting his love again, even if it's after his death.Prince Edward- the young and valiant future king of England finds love under unforeseen circumstances.Emma Mortimer - the beautiful daughter of a simple merchant in the Hayworth Estate catches the eye of a certain young man and love blooms in the two hearts. ~~~~~~~~~~Follow the lives of the characters of His Undesirable Wife after the tragic end in a journey full of love, trust, regret, deceit and redemption where hopes are broken, old promises are fulfilled and new ones are made...(A SEQUEL TO HIS UNDESIRABLE WIFE)(Can be read as standalone)
Kidnapped By My Mate (Beautiful Belle and Alpha Grayson)

Belle has not had the best life. Most of it she spent taking care of her sick father while her mother ran off to sleep with other men. So you can imagine her frustration when, only a few months after the death of her father, her mother forces her to come spend the holidays with her and her new family. But what happens when she meets a certain alpha on the plane who claims that she belongs to him?----"Mine. Mate," he said, his deep, husky voice ringing in my ears. His hands tightened around me as his forehead came down to meet mine and he breathed in deeply. I let my eyes close as I basked in the feeling of his arms around me and the delicious sparks that were running through my body. I didn't even know that it was possible to feel this good. I felt his head move from mine as he nuzzled his nose into my neck. I tilted my head to give him better access and he let out an approving grunt.And then I felt him place a gentle kiss right where my neck and shoulder met. My knees went weak, my entire body going numb as a breathy sound came from my mouth. He smiled against my neck, chuckling and taking all of my weight into his arms as I leaned completely into him to stop myself from falling."Hello, mate," he whispered in my ear.------This book is also known as Kidnapped By My Mate.
Rebirth and Space B1 : Hunting for Military Officer chase his Wife

Book 1 :In her last life, as a cold-blooded assassin, she died without leaving her body behind and was reborn to the time when she was 15 years old with a supernatural ability.Teaching a lesson to the parents whom are jerks, playing around with the selfish younger sister, slapping the faces of weirdo relatives.Outstanding and high combat ability, who said that both looks and intelligence can't be applied to the same person? With that said, she got the attention of a military officer."You're suspected for the crime of murder, hacking into the general server system...... There's too many crimes to be listed, you need to be apprehended immediately."Song Ye raised her eyebrow and got onto the military officer, "According to Young Master Qin, if I want to be cleared off of those crimes, is there any good suggestion for it?"A certain someone's eyes darkened and said, "Marry me."*******************In the beginning, he recognized her as an interesting "boy", then as a younger "brother", and without him noticing she become his most important person. In the beginning, she met him as a military colonel, a dangerous person for her, as an "older brother" who care about her but she was always hesitating about being arround him since she is the leader of a rising gang, and he is a person working for the army, but whithout her noticing he become an irreplaceable person in her life. Dark and lightBlack and white And two cold persons... Warning : I just wanted to enjoy these novels anytime and chare them with you. So I'm just put them from Google translator directly and you will surely find many errors. Google translator. For offline reading and a good story for sharing. Rebirth Merchant: Wonderful Space Hunting for Military Officer

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Three Kisses ✔️

Without hesitation I crashed my lips to his. He was too surprised to kiss back at first, but he quickly recovered and snaked his arms around me. Now I was the one not responding due to shock.He didn't push me away? Just as the kiss was about to deepen, I pulled away from him and sprinted down the thankfully empty hallway.• • • • •Emma Burns and her two best friends have a tradition. Each year one girl takes a turn - the first person you bump into on the first day of school, you have to complete the three kisses with. Kiss #1 - No matter what, you kiss them then and there.Kiss #2 - Get them to kiss you.Kiss #3 - Tongue.COVER MADE BY @angelicapascoe check out her work she's amazing!!

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