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Bai Shuyin, a young high-schooler turned human vegetable, was transmigrated into a novel she casted aside because of how humdrum the plot was. Waking up as the poor sister who was destined to protect her baby brother villain and die a tragic death really was the cherry on the sundae.

Normally Bai Shuyin would just go along with any role she was given since she hated complicated and troublesome things. "I hope this is worth the trouble," was what she thought to herself.

She decided to go against the plot, perhaps, trying to change her fate as she went. However, she just realized that she had almost no clue about the book at all! What she knew was only the main characters and the villain. Not the major problem, not the climax, she didn't even know what happened at the end of the book.

She thought people who transmigrated would have their own system who would elaborate the background of the book and sell hidden powers with countless missions to complete, yet she had none! She truly was a cannon fodder in this book.

Bai Shuyin glanced at the little villain that throtelled after her. Should she ask him? What crisis would he go through in the future? Would he even know anything else besides sticking to her side like a glue? The title of this novel was called "The Crown Prince and The Devious Tyrant King". This little boy was nothing but a cute little pie. What caused him to blacken?

However, in the unexpected chaos, love came hitting on her out of nowhere. She was faced with a love interest in the form of a flamboyant red peacock, whom she found herself falling for.

The wind blew gently against the red crimson hair, those indigo eyes burned into her own. With one knee on the ground; a gesture that shouldn't be done by a crown prince, and a hand stretched out towards her, he said, "Are you willing to rule over the world, side by side, with me as your companion?"

*The cover is commissioned art, all rights belong to me and the artist, Lia Audelia.*

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