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Category: Romance
Hazel Rose is a talented painter making her way into the art world. But one fated encounter leads her to become the temporary heir of a business after the untimely death of an old man she barely knew.

Hazel finds out that in order to inherit half a billion dollars she has to live with his grandchildren for one year or it will all be donated to charity...

Through her time at 'Ravenwolf' Hazel is met with unexpected trials and events. Finding the meaning of family, friends, and romance among the four unique brothers she has to go head to head with: the stubborn Kai, the charming Jackson, the quiet Charlie, and the protective James...

Nothing is ever a dull moment at Ravenwolf.

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This book tells the story of a girl named Beyoncé, who on the eve of the wedding decides to change her life. For this purpose she cancels the ceremony and moves to Cracow. She starts to look for herself to understand who she really is. On her way she meets many different people whose life seems to be perfect. It turns out that these are just appearances and hundreds of lies. Over time Beyoncé changes a lot in their lives.History is happening in Poland. You will be able to learn a little about us and I hope I will find out more about your AMAZING Country. LOVE AnonymousPolishGirl <3

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In the future Solar System, where technology intersects with the soul, the Solar System Alliance secretly forms the Revelation Youth Class. This group of brilliant young minds from across the system is tasked with probing the soul's deepest mysteries.Tragically, a severe experiment mishap results in many casualties, sparking widespread controversy. The incident leads to the disbandment of the Revelation Youth Class, and their records are sealed, becoming a taboo topic within the Alliance.Five years later, the Tianjing Military Academy, previously defeated in the Pan-Solar System Mecha Competition, receives an unexpected boon with the arrival of Tongshen, the top student from the Asian Mecha Prep Class. His extraordinary talents and mysterious abilities offer a chance for the academy to reclaim its glory. However, a series of strange events centered around an obscure sophomore begins to unfold.This unassuming student harbors a secret that could unlock the mysteries of the human soul. As the Alliance's higher-ups take notice, a vast storm of power, conspiracy, and human nature looms."Mechanical Storm: The Mystery of the Revelation Youth Class" is a thrilling sci-fi adventure that explores the interplay between technology and the soul, along with the ethical dilemmas posed by extreme conditions. Set against a backdrop of cosmic warfare, the novel delves into the choices that shape the future of the solar system and probes the depths of the human psyche. Embark on this interstellar journey of growth, love, and redemption.

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