Quick Transmigration: Host Dada, This system can't keep up!

Quick Transmigration: Host Dada, This system can't keep up!

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Category: Fantasy
Bai Wei was a hacker in a star pirate crew in the 3rd century. He died after being betrayed by his comrades. In the afterlife he was contracted by a system to go to various worlds and capture the affection of a target in each world in order to have a second chance at life.

But why do all of the targets seem to be the same person??? And more importantly. Host! What are you doing?!?

The host who just jumped at the ML with a favorability in the negatives: completing the task

ML and System: ???????

Bai Wei: smiling.jpg


Clever fox hearted mc X arrogant doting love interest

This is actually my story so feel free to comment and vote!! Please Enjoy!!

Crown Prince's Profit Lover: ✅
The Ex-Superstar's Alien Fan: Ongoing

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